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Yeah, all ready with the necessary things, particularly - Panjiri, to be made on Sept. 7. We have to wait till 0 hours to taste it. We have two idols. A small one (just about one inch), for regular worship (my wife, he gets its morning bath daily) and a bigger one (six inches) in a cradle (for Janmashtami).
Of course, many other Krishna and Radha framed images in the family worship room.
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Jaya Jagannatha!
I have just crossed the 6-month mark since the commencement of chanting 16 rounds of mahamantra a day. And I believe I notice subtle changes in my attitude and behavior - it is said in Brhat Samhita, I believe, that as much as one strives to change her personality via chanting, actual changes happen very slowly and in tiny increments. This is true. Tomorrow is ISKCON festival (6th) and I am going to follow Iskcon and celebrate tomorrow as well. I have vowed to keep fast and chant as much as my mind allows.


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Happy Janmashtami. :cherryblossom::hibiscus::rose::sunflower::praying:

32 quotes on Krishna by Sadhguru...



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"Nand ke anand bhayo, Jai Kanhiya lal ki l
Braj mein anand bhayo, Jai Yashoda lal ki ll

Happiness has come to Nanda's house, hail Kanha.
Happiness have come to Vraja land, hail the son of Yashoda.

"Devaki and Vasudev were Prsni and Sutapa in their previous birth. They performed severe austerities and penance to get a son like God. There was nobody like God so He personally appeared as their son in their next birth."

Braja Bhoomi (The land of Vraja)

Distance of Nanda's village to Varsana (Radha's village): 10 kms, from Govardhan to Nand Gaon: 31 kms (the Road passes through Varsana), Nandgaon to Vrindavana: approx. 35 kms.

So, in my view, when Krishna, his friends and their cows went to Govardhan or Vrindavana or Gokula Mahavana, it must have been for weeks. Except the distance between Nand Gaon and Varsana, the places cannot be daily commute. Of course, River Yamuna has changed its course many a times in the intervening millenniums.

Kamya Vana, near Nandgaon and Varsana (nearer to Varsana) where probably Radha and Krishna met daily.
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