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It's time for Dyslexia to be expanded!


Skanky Old Mongrel!
I heard this yesterday from a very successful builder, now retired... here is his story about his dyslexia....

I cannot write or calculate on paper. I cannot remember names to the extent that I have learned tricks so that I can talk to folks even though I can't recall their names. I have no academic qualifications. But I was a very very good brickie; I could build a brick wall very quickly and very flat.
I have banked with '--------------' for over fifty years. As far back as I can remember I have taken customer's payments to my bank and handed them over the counter with a blank paying-in slip to the teller who would fill out my slip for me. One day there was a new teller behind the screen. I handed the money and paying-in slip to her and she said 'We don't do that!'.
'You always have done that for me'
'We don't do that!'
'Have you got walls around your house and did you build them?'
'Yes I have, No I didn't ...and what's that got to do with anything?'
.......and by now a queue was building and folks were listening to this.....
My friend then said,....
'I would not expect you to be able to build your walls. I can do that. But I can't fill in pay in slips because I can't write, and I can't calculate in writing on forms. I can't write my name the same way each time.......... but you can!'
The queue applauded and started to clap loudly.
The Teller filled in the paying-in slip.

And then I said to him....... 'And that, ------, is a thread.!'
And it is.

You see, although the psychos want to tell us that dyslexia only applies to Phonological Dyslexia,
Surface Dyslexia, Rapid Naming Deficit, Double Deficit Dyslexia, Visual Dyslexia and some few other Dyslexias ....that's all they know for now. The thing is, you and I are dyslexic, just in different ways.

Take that bank teller...... she agreed that if she had to build a brick wall her mind and hand would not be able to place bricks so the wall would be flat and straight...... quite as dyslexic as my friend who cannot write things down.

I cannot write IT software, I cannot change a spark plug in my wife's new motor, I can't plaster a large area of wall, let alone a ceiling! In fact I can't do lots of things!

And nor can you.... do different things

We're all disabled by differing kinds of dyslexia......... so let's start giving understanding to other people for their disabilities. We're all a bit stuck up about what we can do, whilst many of us look down upon those who can't, and this can produce snobbery even to the extant of looking down upon a person if they work in fast food, or collect refuse.

Time to expand our perceptions about ability, and disability.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
Premium Member
Dyslexia is a specific set of disorders appertaining to word blindness, it has nothing to do with not being able to build a wall, find another word for inability to perform general tasks.