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Isolated Quaker looking for others to join in for Online Meeting for Worship


Hi all! I'm an isolated "Quaker" (hard to use the term if you are not connected to a real world community) out here in southern and central California. I work as a social worker supervisor near Long Beach during the work week and am up at my rural home in Tehachapi with my wife and two teens on the weekends. Obviously that makes it hard to attend a "brick and mortar" Monthly Meeting so I have decided to try to do what I can to develop at least a "virtual community" as it gets really lonely by yourself. I am a liberal Christ-centered Universalist Friend so am inclusive of everyone no matter your leanings - you could consider me the far "liberal" end of Conservative Quakerism or a Liberal Friend who likes Jesus - probably just best described as Quaker.

I am inviting you to join me. I will "attending" the online Meeting for Worship from 7:30am to 8am Pacific Standard Time hosted by the Ben Lomond Quaker Center on weekday mornings generally and the Online Meeting for Worship (on another site) on Sundays mornings at 7:00am Pacific Standard Time and Tuesday/Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time. For those who need info on unprogrammed Quaker worship or the links for the above meetings (or Liberal compared to Conservative Quaker which is not what you think it is) I can post links for those who need them and/or discuss it here.
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