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Islam Forever

Natural Submission

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Islam Forever

Ar-Rahman ir-Rahim
Maliki Yawmi-d-Din

Look at Allah
Enough beauty for all
The colors and detail
Love is It’s call

When you come to realize
You are part of the picture
In Allah’s mind you are living
Fall down and surrender

It is for everybody
Punish the liars
Invading Allah’s picture
To Allah we surrender

A cloud of God gives the answers
Bringing Allah near
An empty tunnel, no voices
Only Allah is here

To the light do we draw near
Allah is a hidden treasure
I’m telling you I’ve been there
I’ve seen riches without measure

Look around and you’ll be there
You must surrender your-self
Allah is around us
In It’s Spirit we dwell

Try to love one another
Do great things for each other
Fly without wings through the heavens
With your sisters and brothers

We are your friends in the heavens
Your family and helpers
We have come to your rescue
From your evil kidnappers

Our arms are extended
These are Allah’s words
We will love you forever
In the bodies of green birds

The Life Giving Spirit
Is all around us
In Heaven there is no death
Live forever in One breath

When you fall in prostration
In a new world you’ll wake up
The book of life’s many pages
On several rides it will take us

Endless rooms of Allah’s mansion
A refuge for warriors
Walk from one to the other
The journey of a traveler

My home is Allah’s mansion
Allah’s Holy Nation
Bowing down and prostrating
Singing Hu’s praises

You will have infinite senses
I have only given you five
Find the others and you’ll find…
You’ll find you’re alive

I asked Allah to help me…
…and Allah helped me
I asked Allah to guide me…
…and Allah guided me

I asked Allah to show me…
…and Allah showed me
I asked Allah to deliver me…
…and Allah delivered me

I’m in Allah’s home now
I see with my eyes
The fountain of Life
Only the faithful can find

Now that I’ve seen Father
I want to show Hu I care
I will leave the Great Mansion
Descending the Heavenly stairs

Wake up all my people!
Our Father is here
Hu has never left you
Allah has always been there

You are scarred children under covers
This is what you must do
I hope you all learn your lesson
I’ll give you children too

See how they grow up
When you correct them they cry
Tell them why you correct them
Let them know why

You see the works of your Father
You’re not children anymore
You’re mature and you’re ready
To be friends with your LORD

With Allah are no secrets
If you don’t know, just ask
Allah will tell you everything
The future and the past

You won’t live for the dollar
In heaven is Peace
Your Father is wealthy
Beyond your wildest dreams

Satan has covered your senses
With a blanket of lies
Remove the dark veil
That covers your eyes

We have Satan surrounded
Allah is our Protecting friend
The eyes of the believer
Can see Allah has no end

Where does the Universe surrender?
Where is the Earth?
What is it that put you here?
Made your mother give birth…

In this world God is hated
They call you a traitor
If it’s Allah that you worship
Allah’s name is hated

You must remove the hatred
See the truth and the falsehood
Overcome your inner slave master
Worship Allah, you should

When the beast is defeated
One battle completed
A warrior’s dream
To help the mistreated

So how can you do this?
You must give Allah your trust
You’ve been taught not to trust us
But we’re your family and helpers

The true warrior seeks peace
Unity together
In Allah’s company
Islam forever

Some look around the light
Claiming the bulb to be too bright
You must bathe in the bright light
To be reborn alive

The closer you are to the light
Allah will fill your eyes
Allah is the light
Bow toward the Might

You must walk through the kaba
A portal on earth
The righteous walk through it
And find around them their LORD

When you see the kaba dismantled
Hear the holy ones call
Imam Mahdi is the living kaba
Through him works Allah

He will be of your number
When the kaba is dismantled
A new age upon us
Allah’s living lantern

The lantern will burn forever
Giving light in the darkness
Allah fulfills It’s promise
Bringing peace upon Earth

I fear displeasing Allah
I don’t fear Allah Itself
The way children fear displeasing their father
They don’t fear their father’s love

The father corrects his children
Out of wisdom and knowledge
They don’t understand why he does this
As adults they will acknowledge

Allah raises us
For our edification
Through Allah’s Holy Lantern
Hu is Building a Nation

Holy Holy Holy is Allah
Hu’s Glory fills the earth…


Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
That's rather beautiful; I am confused though; I notice that a lot of the verses refer to Allah as 'it'; my understanding was as follows:-

It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities. This is not the case with Allah. Allah is the personal name of the One true God. Nothing else can be called Allah. The term has no plural or gender. This shows its uniqueness when compared with the word god which can be made plural, gods, or feminine, goddess. It is interesting to notice that Allah is the personal name of God in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and a sister language of Arabic.

Is there a special meaning in the "Islam forever" peace ?:confused:


God(Allah) is sometimes referred to as It. It is the gender neutral pronoun and is not as limiting as he or she can be. I am guessing he used "It" rather than Allah to not be as repetitive and make it more peotic. That is just a guess though.
The `Arabic term "Allah" is a combination of two words, "Al" and "ilah". "Al" is the definite article in Arabic. Semitic linguists believe that the original root definite article of all Semitic languages was "Hal." With Hebrew it evolved as "Ha" and Arabic as "Al." Though it is not written as a letter in the Hebrew language the first consonant of the word following "the" in Hebrew is doubled just as is done by the "Lam" in the `Arabic "Al" when it precedes certain letters.

The second word is "ilah." This means "divinity" or "god." But "ilah" is not definite. It can be made feminine, it can be made plural and thus does not always convey the absoluteness of THE ONE God. So accordingly, when speaking of THE One God of Monotheism, the Qur'an says "Al-ilah" which is conjugated into "Allah".


Great poem brother, i have a question,
Our arms are extended
These are Allah’s words
We will love you forever
In the bodies of green birds
these green birds, is that a reference to the angels? i have read that the angels are sometimes depicted as green birds.
If so, do you think we(spiritually) will eventually evolve to become like the angels in that we will help others to evolve their souls and to learn to use love in decision making rather than greed and other evil qualities?
if you do not wish to speculate on such a thing i understand. I ask this question because you have posted this poem in the Sufi category, which makes me think there is some depth to the words, not just the face value. :)
if you meant nothing more than green birds i might feel silly. :)

Mehr Licht

Ave Sophia
He will be of your number
When the kaba is dismantled
A new age upon us
Allah’s living lantern

Thank you for sharing that poem. Is this a reference to the future eschatalogical state or is this speaking of something that will take place in regular history?