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Is the Media Influencing our Thoughts


Face to face with my Father
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I found this very interesting!

I know it is quite long (I wouldn't generally view something of this length) but with the Epstein event, the desentization of our morals by Hollywood, the scripted news media on multiple venues... it just made some sense to me.


Still learning to be wise
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Media can no doubt shape a person’s worldview, for better or worse. But media/art whatever you want to call it is simply a mirror of humanity. It shows what we truly are as a species. Sometimes with the capacity to be good and kind. Sometimes with the capacity to be utterly cruel. Media is simply an easy scapegoat so we don’t have to face who we truly are.

Hermit Philosopher

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Unquestionably yes: media influences our thoughts.

That has always been the case, but in our modern world the messengers, besides being both more diverse and more frequent, also are more anonymous, so it is much harder for receivers to identify their perspectives and properly assess their purpose/agenda.