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Is Kabbala A Magic Tradition?


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It's more along the lines of Jewish mysticism. However, many orthodox Jews believe that true Kabbalists will be able to do stuff that may be viewed as magic. This is especially true in the Haredi world.


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Yes there are many occult stuff in Kabbalah. And I am reading a book on it currently.

Is it a book on Jewish Kabbalah? Because there is an Occult version which is not Jewish, but uses much of the symbols etc. In any case, please note this is a DIR, so please don't offer opinion if you're not a member.


I don't always know the difference between a form of mysticism and a form of magic. What is it? If any?


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I don't always know the difference between a form of mysticism and a form of magic. What is it? If any?

I can give you my definition, for what it's worth.

Magic has the goal of imposing our will upon the Spirit World, usually for selfish reasons.

Mysticism has the goal of understanding the Spirit World, to become more attuned and in harmony with it; to change not it, but us.


I see Kabala as a safe place for Judaism to confine its mystical speculations.
Much I don't agree with; but some of the STUFF (personal effluvia) I do.
The problem is when is when people take this cache of personal effluvia and project it front and center.
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Kabbalah is not magic. It is barely "mysticism."
It is a way to understand that Torah that has to do with a deeper understanding; an inner understanding; a spiritual understanding that can be used in This World.
It is a study and discipline like any other rigorous emotional, spiritual and intellectual discipline.
What passes for "Kabbalah" in the ordinary world has nothing to do with Jewish Kabbalah.
First - be Jewish
Second - learn Hebrew and Aramaic
Third - Study and understand the Torah; Tanach; Shas (the Talmud); and most of the Great Sages and Commentators on these.
Fourth - Find yourself a Rabbi to be your "mentor."
Fifth - Delve into Shimon Bar Yochai and the Zohar.
Sixth - Start learning Kabbalah from a Rabbi who will teach you..

Eliab ben Benjamin

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Is Kabbala a form of magic?

No not really though many not Jews, may see it as such,
more a study in Mystery, the Essenes who wrote Zohar were looking into
Creation and the how Hashem used his words to create ...
from their study came mysticism ... distorted by many modern none Jewish
Kabbalists as magic ...