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Identity Crisis

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Geoff-Allen, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. Geoff-Allen

    Geoff-Allen Resident megalomaniac

    Sep 9, 2014
    Here's another oldie -

    Identity Crisis

    I am a magnetic point of light
    I am an insect in a field of snow
    I fight to set things right
    My thoughts begin to glow

    I call myself the ancient warrior
    I am a knight in borrowed armour
    I crawl upon this icy land
    Sparks fly out from my hand

    I am shattered and reconstructed
    Every pathway seems disconnected
    Reality dissolves as I grab it
    Like some careless alien bandit

    I am a horse with no rider
    I am a wizard without a spell
    I am a rock without a spider
    I am a bucket in the wishing well

    I am the gratitude of life
    I am a cosmic equation in your mind
    I am a man who loves the strife
    I am the gold you will never find

    I am the last madman on the earth
    I am the secret of the night
    I am another circumstantial birth
    I am the wings providing flight

    I am a song without the singer
    I am the sound of angels sleeping
    I am the ring on every finger
    I am a tree in the forest weeping

    I am a rope that is twisted and cut
    I am a priest alone in a tiny hut
    I am a sun without a planet
    I am a freely spinning magnet

    I am the last dream of the living
    I am the only remaining beam of light
    I am the constant joy of giving
    I am the calm before a furious fight

    I am the extra verse of this poem
    I am a distant collapsing white star
    I am the energy we all own
    I am the fly inside the jar

    I am completely bored out of my brain
    I am buried in an underground pit
    I am the discovery of a golden vein
    I am drifting in the randomness of it

    I am the price of karma in your soul
    I am a whisper through the gates of hell
    I am a soldier fighting in a muddy hole
    I am the society that can buy or sell

    I am a tribal mask in the jungle night
    I am the fire inside the heart of man
    I am a dangerous idea taking flight
    I am a golden bird on a spinning fan

    I am the echo of a distant time
    I am the straw that people never clutch
    I am a nursery without a rhyme
    I am the boy who protests too much

    I am a baker with his dozen loaves
    I am a stolen piece of buried treasure
    I am a creature that cries like doves
    I am the start and end of pleasure

    I am a concrete jungle of lost souls
    I am a world in chaos and despair
    I am split by far too many roles
    I am the thick pollution in the air

    I am a run-away train on a dead-end track
    I am a child screaming in the light of day
    I am that dreaded sense of no-way back
    I am a magician with no games to play

    I am a trumpet with a strange mystic call
    I am a river in a dark quiet valley
    I am a shadow walking behind the wall
    I am a doorway in a forgotten alley

    I am the premeditation of the crime
    I am a ghost among the living dead
    I am lost in the corridors of time
    I am the flower that turns your head

    I am an amalgamation of expectations
    I am the hero and villain of the story
    I am a myriad of interpretations
    I am the lost and ancient glory

    I am a shrine to every twisted view
    I am an ever-changing landscape of illusion
    I am the oldest idea breaking through
    I am the answer to all the confusion

    I am your most dear and trusted friend
    I am a source of constant amusement
    I am the rock on which you can depend
    I am the place where all the clues went

    I am a candle that burns at both ends
    I am a chalk drawing in your mind
    I am a gathering of long lost friends
    I am a prophet in the land of the blind

    I am a cloud of dust on a sandy beach
    I am a monkey high up in the tree
    I am the dream that's always out of reach
    I am everything on the earth but me

    These four wall cannot hide me
    With a million words to guide me
    Madness never comes too soon
    I hold on tight to the internal tune

    Enjoy the rest of your browsing!

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