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I need to lose 80 pounds (35kg)


Hellenismos, BTW
I went diet soda. In my case , it was drinks rather than food. I used to be 270.

Now I'm 210.
The "hidden calories" in things like sugary sodas are the culprit for a lot of people. I read just a couple of months ago that the rapper Post Malone dropped 60 lbs just by cutting out soda.


Hellenismos, BTW
I am 254 pounds. I would like to lose 80 pounds (35kg) but the medication I am on (Solian) makes it difficult as it makes me insulin resistant and increases hunger. I am also on Zoloft.

I swim 20-25 minutes 4-5x a week and I use steam/sauna for 20-25 minutes as well.

The problem with dieting is that I get hungry. I think they should give me Metformin because the other meds are hampering my weight loss.

As soon as I get to 180lbs (80kg) then I can lift weights because I tried 'bodybuilding' in 2018 when I was 255lbs and I got to 254lbs with heavy weights and a high protein diet but I wasn't as strong as I was at 90kg
Please be aware Metformin can cause a serious vitamin deficiency. I was on it several years ago and it caused a Vitamin B12 deficiency which left me with neuropathy. They don't tell you this is a potential side effect (my doctors didn't) and it took going to other doctors after the damage was done to learn the cause. Had I been told when I was on it, I could have gotten shots or taken supplements. It doesn't happen with everyone, but please keep it in mind.

When I had excess weight to lose, it was hard due to PCOS. But generally, I found going on high protein, low carb to help. Later on, I found intermittent fasting helpful. Now I have another health issue that can cause weight loss so now I just keep an eye on the scale and adjust my diet accordingly.