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I have a girlfriend. Am in trouble.


Veteran Member
I have a new obsession with a girl , woman, but a child inside, who can tame and console a dragon, a devil, enter into the torture , voluntary want to go play crouching tiger hidden dragon with me, *(the movie where all the dragons and tigers are crouching and hidden) in bushes and areas of hospitals, churches, shelters, and followed by another girl constantly telling her “don’t get in the car with that guy and sell yourself for 60 dollars", when she ran to people who she does what pays.

She responded, it’s just lip service. I told the girl standing in the middle of the street, blocking her, threatening to hit him and me , told her “I admire both of you. " It seemed to weird to be not staged or set up.

And Jesus was always hanging out with demon possessed sluts, whores, thieves, drunkards, junkies, tax collectors.

Which of you is Leah, which is Rachel? (both of them totally reminded me of those two) The two who fought so much, and I was shocked that the hostile girl wasn't accusing me of being a stalker, a lowlife, a danger, but said that she saw a good man who is going to let this girl destroy his life....

.... but this time "Leah" was trying to prevent Rachel and Jacob from harm. I praised her virtues, allowing me to have the privilege of seeing a type of Rachel and Leah conflict. But to see her friend had balls, a warrior.

Thing is, there are times where I am not a mess, and charming. My mask was gone, I was shaking, had damage from a party where I decided that I would damage myself and risk death, doing excessive amounts of what is notorious for killing those who play around with it.

They may have been legal, so don’t consider this post illegal activity, like we smoked anything the Virgin Mary wouldn't smoke with the Jesus , who was a total hippie.

Thing is, this woman, I want someone like that to rise to whore of Babylon Deification , control Yahweh like Joseph controlled all Pharoah's household and possessions, status, control hell, the prisons.... Hermes carries his lambs and goats over his shoulder....The lambs know his Dad has no debt to pay with blood, but request some water turned into their favorite dead Kennedy cocktail, date rape drugs that glorify , sanctify, Deify , empower the victims, bring grace to the world. Ketamine with a few drops from the dead kennedy love machine, a dead kennedy disco biscuit, substantiated into your favorite version of Freddy Mercury, Queen of England thanks to Inanna.

A steady dosage of Inanna's girlscout trooper cookies. Holy Communion with the Queen of Heaven , disguised as a cookie are administerred to God. Mary is called "New Eve". Jesus called "New Adam". Forbidden fruit, get God to be ashamed and better help us find a solution. Jacob was so thoroughly disguised, Isaac saw his favorite son, gave him the greatest blessing and bloodline.

That was how Inanna went from needing the help of a man to get a snake and a bird out of her tree, because she knew he would do something in addition to that. Create her "Seat of Wisdom".

Mary, Seat of Wisdom (also known as Our Lady of the Chair .....Inanna is "Our Lady of the electric chair. She was with him and a mysterious cloud of smoke came up off his crotch, a guard said his corpse smiled, making some newspapers, and the chair seemed like sparky was no ordinary chair .

The ghost of Bundy was seen enough times that guards did not want to be in there alone. I read that his second escape through the ceiling of a county jail, much more difficult to escape from than a prison, it was miraculous to not notice a hole big enough for a guy who escaped once, to escape again, and a knowledge of where to go to get a pair of clothes, walk out into a winter blizzard, go to what I read was the only state that served the electric chair to become Raiden, with "our lady of the Chair", but he bludgeoned a Jew there with the surname Levy (Levi), the main etymology meaning of the mission of becoming one.

And the teeth marks he left were used as evidence, and because he walked into a room and found himself with sudden deer in the headlights terror, impending doom struck when he saw the Rosary she was holding, he couldn't advance, and that Rosary causing him to flee, was the necessary evidence we finally obtained, to join "Our Lady of the chair". Ted Bundy named his daughter Rose.

or the Latin name Sedes Sapientiae), is a very old title for Mary.
As with all of Mary's titles, it highlights one specific aspect of her life

Today I saw a good looking woman who gets victimized, used, abused, not payed fairly for her services, and lets herself get dehumanized and objectified, for the foretaste of Heaven that the drug offers, when this world is hell. She isn't selfish though. She would be nicer than Yahweh if she was omnipotent.

The girl I wanted to see, she's there and saying she hurts so badly for me. I hate myself , having a bad trip, I have the most aweful shame, guilt, confusion. It was chemical related. She was a medicine woman to me, Babylon the great, big rock candy mountain of Cyrus the great..... who can love the beast ?


Inanna, who at first died and hug from meat hooks when she visited Hell for the Bull of Heaven she wronged, and to apologize to a man who is there because of her, and knew exactly that him violently murdering and humiliating her, might be what can ease suffering. and some day they will know, that is true love, because she knows God made some monsters so messed up, they have no peace unless they are ****ing someone up.

The Epic Story of Inanna - Ancient Sumerian SPIDER Goddess!​

https://www.youtube.com › watch


This week, we dive into the Ancient Sumerian Myth about Inanna and Uttu and the stories of the FIRST SPIDER in Ancient Mesopotamia.
YouTube · Tarantula Collective · Apr 7, 2023
She had some weaver girls spin some webs that catch knowledge about the underworld, who materialized into spiders.

The young lady telling people publicly that I was her boyfriend, like it was a good thing, didn't want to leave me, said my energy was very contagious death, despair, a man who looks like he's looking death in the eyes, about to keel over,

....out of nowhere, we
had a girl following us that she said "the devil sent her" and insulting her.\

.... telling me "we could hold hands now, you know? Your my boyfriend, remember." Who was this other chick who was worried that she might kill me? Blaming my symptoms on her "oh, he's got such a bad tremor, he shakes, it's because you are killing him."

To me, I had a mother, I was Jacob, she was Rebecca/ I will forever shield that whore on judgement day, for showing the love and tenderness, to a clown at his lowest, least expected time for an Angel, let the curse and punishment for all of her sins, be on me oh Lord.

who I must not go back on my vow to make sure all of those kinds of whores, daughter's of Babylon, are properly elevated too the status of spiritual weapons that outdo the Abrahamic God on many levels, are crucial.

I know this is not my imagination also, because the night before, I go to the basement to make an early morning call to my PO to confess why I missed the meeting, because I met an Angel, and there was another type of remedy she was offering to a man so pitiful, accursed, you'd be surprised the things she was having to help me with after we made it to the demilitarized werewolf zone, to practice some Guerrilla warfare.

And then afterwards is telling people "I have a boyfriend. Check it out. It's a prince!"


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Veteran Member
....and unlikely healers are the Babylon Babes with Jerusalem milkers, but Ninevah is their city, because the bad prophecy Jonah made was false, and instead of the whore killing anyone, she wants to have a fully submerged baptism, where she remains submerged, to fulfill the prophecy "even the Jordan river has, bodies floatin"....Eve's of destruction would do anything to hook up with the God whose heart was bent on snuff, but matrimony is the goal, a

Solomon had many wives, Inanna is one body, one flesh with those who ask, so the fornication or prostitution isn't a factor, and she doesn't want an Antichrist, but an Anti-antichrist like Cyrus, who God made it very obvious a person from Iran can conquer Iraq, become the King of the City , enslave oneself to the Whore Yahweh has the most vicious attitude and fantasies of....no way he isn't the Antichrist more than any other candidate....that is God's least favorite whore, King of Babylon was called Lucifer, the 8 pointed star of Venus he wore.

If a woman is concerned about her reputation, she would not be telling people the hopeless leper she found, who hasn't slept in two days, his voice is messed up, has cotton mouth, dehydration, talks about the violently murdered women he Deifies, as they do in Japan, Maria Gorretti found praying to spend eternity with the man that just stabbed her 14 times because she is favored by God and wants her to experience his nightmare.

She died praying that she could spend eternity with the Devil.. Maria Gorretti descended into his cell, his hell, offered 14 lilies for the 14 times he stabbed her for the crime of being unwounded. It can be offensive.

He needed someone he could talk to about something there isn't help available for, until the misfits share the same wounds, stigmata, understanding. And the monster bombarded the Vatican with letters to get her canonized, do everything to make her dreams come true, and make her mother proud of the monster that made her dreams come true, spoiled her rotten, proved she is better than Jesus, who said "if you hurt one of these little ones because of their innocence and faith in me, better to have a millstone tied around your neck and tossed into the sea".

It isnt just relapse and possible deception and lies that hurt so bad. I want to be with others who suffer the hell, the darkness and carry some of it, tell them " I love you. Idolatry is another word for going to the physician that doesn't make your dysfunction worse by providing the wrong remedy.

Inanna calls her holy Vulva, "Boat of Heaven", the love boat
....."Das Boot" (a movie about a submarine, hard, full of seamen ;) )started the Saint Maria Gorretti gothic gangsters, to receive God's approval by making the Devils think it was his idea, like Jacob taking credit for Rebecca's work.

The Devil will take a vow of obedience to girls, especially consecrated Temple virgins, who God favors, cannot defeat, and he said you must become a child to enter his kingdom....

.....Hell is where the adults go...but have most respect for the children of God bringing some air conditioning and the maria Gorretti love for the unlovable.

There was no one who who was more passionate for doing everything he could for that girl, probably we wouldn't even see her canonized as the patron Saint of rape victims and crime, be forgotten, were it not for the guy whose crime is too dishonorable in prison for murderers to be their friends.

It isn't like I wanted to hurt anyone other than me. But that love Jacob had for Rebecca. She was there, begging me to not kill or hurt myself, telling me to promise, feeling so sad she cannot help me other than something she shared that calmed me down, her soothing voice about how I'm shacking so much, "you poor thing".

I'm not inclined to want to do that to anyone even if I could get away with it, but some days, I make everyone nervous, like they are looking at someone who is about to do something really terrible or is under the influence of the Devil, his mask is off, in need of serious professional help.

But today it was an Angel, my moment where Rebecca , Inanna, who rose from the dead and had me born the year of the fire bunny, so I could be the Ted Bunny advocate for Ted Bunny mansion, East of Eden. He had no women to love him as he was abandoned. They just changed the diaper of the unwanted child, fed him, let him cry himself to sleep, set him down when he's given the essentials for survival, but baby Jesus had a hunger, thirst, that needs to be quenched or he should be euthanized......his mother only got the hellion because her Dad forced her to, and she would have him chronically living a lie, with a mother who wanted him so badly, she wasn't even willing to let him find out , until he investigated it himself, responded to attempts to console him with "you are not the illegitimate one:"
At Ted Bunny mansion, it is the way to shield the world from frightening people that no one understands. Teach the serial killers charity, reward it in the language they know best, get them hooked on the super Heroine (a term for superheroes when they are female. The Saturn ring, Inanna, Lord of the rings, because President Bush had a dick Cheyney.

Saturn Girl started the DC league of superheroes who share a common goal.

Frankenstein was called “Mary’s monster”, the woman who wrote of the soul that is accused of evil just for going near a woman who needs help, and Mary loved monsters. The Devils are victims who want to be immaculately conceived, do not want to be afflicted with these temptations. Judas had a much worse destiny and martyrdom than Jesus.

Leviathan was female , in the book of Enoch. The spirit of Rebecca, a name that means "to bind together into one, as in matrimony, the symbol for Fascism and John Kennedy's Knight's of columbus symbol.

Columbus can mean "Dove, Jonah". Inanna was symbolized as a dove and a lioness, and her servants, like Cyrus, prevented Abrahamic monotheism from going extinct, and her enemies were glad they lost, because she made it just as safe to be a Jew in Israel as it was in Babylon.

Jonah was swallowed by a female sea serpent . She begged him, go try and obey that male God who thinks he can destroy the Twin sister of Babylon, best friend, and his mother Mary has already decided that he will go through her, she dies with Nineveh....We get to laugh that Jonah was speaking the exact words of the male God who is pride, love God means no one else, and every word God spoke to the prophet failed, which is Biblical proof Yahweh inspires false prophets.

Cyrus did not want his Empire to be called Persian. His treasure, his heart was Babylon, protecting our sluts, but Inanna encourages virginity, has a seperate temple for Virgins. It's just, if sex sells, there is a need. Try to turn it into holy communion, song of solomon, unity with someone who loves monsters , loves intimacy, unity, so Yahweh will always destroy good ideas.

He builds a temple for the Jews who hail him as their Messiah. God the Father is calling him the Messiah, the anointed one (Christ), and he praises primarily Babylonian Deities who believe Empires are built, Jews will accept a monarch king from an Arab country, if you get naughty with the Queen, do it in a way, the art where God approves....

The days of an actual messiah, is so ridiculous, it goes over everyone's head. Christianity was about carrying a torture stake, being persecuted, Jesus was dead hundreds of years before Christianity was a legal substance...

.,...Cyrus made Babylon and Jerusalem, the city that has a female personification called a woman with abundant breasts, oh that you would drink fullly the milk of her comfort..... the key to success is to visit a house of prayer, a sacred temple where gawking at the topless and naked clergy, paying them and letting the Queen of Heaven think with her vulva, earns her the title "Lady of victories , Lady of battles". The Arabs respected their women when being nude was considered sacred.

, like the forbidden graven image of the creature that is responsible for the fall.

An image of a serpent was a healer, and the image of the woman in the book of revelation, chapter 12, the woman on the moon, clothed with the sun that serpents bathe all day and share the excitement and enthusiasm of Saint Bernadette for her mum. A graven serpent prevented death by gazing at it, the opposite of what the Basilisk does, kills a person with with a glance.

joined; dear friend

Meaning:joined; dear friend. Levin is a masculine name of Hebrew and German origins. A variant of Levi, this name translates to “joined,” and refers to the important biblical figure of the same name. In Old German, Levin can also mean “dear friend,” a vital part of life for anyone

The Book of Enoch (60:7–9) describes Leviathan as a female monster dwelling in the watery abyss (as Tiamat), while Behemoth is a male monster living in the desert of Dunaydin ("east of Eden").

She inspired the city of Babel. Religious unity, one language, all dreams come true. The Deity is only worthy of worship, when the attitude is "how can I serve my unfortunate cubs, defend them, let them know I cherish even those who have victimized me.

Charity can be where you least expect it. The companion willing to sacrifice the most, might be the one who is most shocked to have ever encountered a friendship that is least expected, least likely


I'm no doubt manic, but when I noticed the first and middle name of that ID card, I saw on the wall, someone drew a club, a diamond, a heart, and a spade.

I was holding the Rebecca Trump card, Joker card that take all Gods on the table of a higher suit, and Rebecca is a title that switches if someone becomes more worthy, and a temple, headquarters, legions dwell. They helped Jacob fight with God and win, earning him the name "Contender with GOd".

Please Rebecca! Bless the Angel who let me hear your voice during hell, feel your attitude of wanting to hang out with the sick zombie looking. Bless, reward, help me to not expect anything
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Veteran Member
This is mainly me ranting.

It was like death itself, I get off the phone, in my imagination I saw a corpse on a couch come to life. I"m walking up the stairs, a guy says "eternal rest grant unto them oh lord. And let perpetual light shine down upon them".

I told him why I needed to hear that. He started weeping tears and said, "the most important, only important treasure to me. She died last night. I've been her friend since childhood."

That was before these other events unfolded.....but it is a confirmation that there was a recently deceased ghost who was in need of prayers, deification.

Her name is "Robin". companion of batman. I got attacked by a robin once when I got too close to her eggs. If she were omnipotent, she would protect her children better than Yahweh.

Christopher robin was the companion of winnie the pooh bear. Each of the animals were personifications of a mental illness. My lady friends who are most wealthy remind me that Mary told Saint Bernadette to cover herself in mud, dig a hole in the ground and eat mud, Mary tells you to do that, but does't care about Bernadette not knowing her catechism.

Nafisa Joseph, she is Saint Joseph Stalin of Nazareth, sleepy Joe of sleepy hollow, where Bernadette gets more excited seeing a veiled women with bear feet (Bernadette means "little bear"), and roses on her feet. Imagine how exciting it would be to see an ankle or belly button.

Catechism , Mary wants to be about CATS, Charlie's Angels, "girls just want to have guns"....they have a bay of pigs, hogworts seminary where the national dead Kennedy boomstick association trains children to fire spud gun potatoes that will feel like artillery when they hit a shooter. Potatoes, taters, JFK returns as a dick tater, he came here because there was a tater famine in Ireland. The virgin Mary and Saint Nafisa Joseph like the head wound and the spaz attacks of their biggest fan.

Nafisa and her companion in Charlie's Angels hung from their fans. The show was declared cursed but turning curses into something beautiful, is always my delight.



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Son of Sam listened to the wrong dog telling him to go do what king David did. He was Jewish on both sides, King David was the son of Sam, Samuel, who came back from the dead as a ghost to encourage King Saul to commit suicide with a sword.

Samuel said "You will join me in the world of the dead.

Sam listens to the right Cat now.


Veteran Member
There has been such a soul people have had apparitions of, in need of love, so christians want to have an exorcism, stomp on, hate a wounded spirit that could be a dead relative in agony, not a demon at all.

Victor Frankel was a Jew who survived the holocaust , to produce a treasure, out of a book that came forth from man’s worst inhumanity to man. His greatest comfort from constant hunger, frostbite, snoring from many people crammed into a small area, that sleep deprivation alone was enough for psychosis, but sometimes his wife was so present, they couldn’t lock up his brain from the only thing that keeps his morale up.

Maximilian Kolbe volunteered to take the place of another man sentenced to the starvation bunkers. Idolatry, loving a woman more than God, was why a death camp was euphoric for him.

Why worship a jealous sour puss who is always complaining about how jealous and threatened he is of a woman taking first place, and how it isn't fair that even Saint Bernadette doesn't get excited about him, or about guys at all.

Mary prevented her from decomposing, because she wasn't able to understand basic catechism, but sometimes there is a plan for Shinto. The Catechism of the CAT. Mary gave birth to the Lion of Judah.

Inanna hangs upside down from meat hooks, like a caterpillar to become a butterfly, and Demontort said Mary will take the curse of monsters on herself if they show true love. Prophecy fulfilled, when on April 28, feast of the Saint who said Mary will say on behalf of her devotee, "let the curse and punishment for his sins be on me"

Clara, the name of the closest companion of Saint Francis, the Saint Mussolini made the patron Saint of Italy, because he believed getting naked in public to follow the naked Christ, is the best way to be fishers of men.

So, Clara defiantly wanted to die with the man who was no longer handsome, strong , and the most hated leper in Italy, the death penalty is almost a guarantee through guilt by association. But public desecration of the corpse on meat hooks, prefigured male and female holy communion, for the Dictator who once shared the letters of little girls going to receive holy communion, imagining they were eating the flesh of the Caesar and drinking his blood.

God gave the Israelite's bread from heaven to prefigure Jesus in the form of the bread of life. They complained that they wanted meat. So God created Quail that fly to them to happily be slaughtered, cooked, and eaten.

Police found the skull of Denise Naslund, the bones of George Hawkins, keeping them as evidence. The mother of Denise wanted her daughter's skull, to lay it to rest, but the virgin Mary wanted them to vanish, so she would bury a Rosary in place of her daughter's remains, causing her to charge the Rosary at the Chi Omega Sorority house.....

Skol , the skull of Dionisia Marie...Jesus was crucified at Golgotha, "The place of the skull", and Hawkins chew was what my last roommate liked with the Grizzly bear chew. Ted chewed on his victims and snuffed them, and Jesus helped him escape , so the skull and bones secret society hopes to save lives by enabling other addictions. Girls just want to have guns, boom sticks! ;)


like the corpse of Ras Tafari, Emperor Haile Selassie, most important corpse in African History, the last descendant of Solomon, found 25 years later under a toilet. That dynasty had an irrational devotion to saint George the dragon slayer in Lebanon, putting him on one side of their flag, thanking him for the greatest victories Africans ever had against attempts to colonize them.

Jacob is called "Lebanon Cedar", Denise had a Lebanese mother. George converted an entire city in Lebanon because of the dragon he slew. Lebanon was to be the only Arab nation where Christianity defeated Islam.

Denise and George Hawkins died the year that Emperor Haile Selassie, LIon of Judah, lost the dynasty that began with the wolf tribe, ended with the Lion tribe. The Solomonic dynasty, the song of Solomon, they want relationship , help the lonely , the rejects.

The secret skull and bones Vatican, it is so secret , skulls and bones held as criminal evidence don't just disappear.

But, the Queen of Heaven, Inanna, the hope, patron Saint of the most hopeless, takes responsibility for men when they fart, because big goddesses don't cry over anything , when God has selected you to be publicly raped in front of an audience of holy people, because he encountered someone who creates more peace, comfort, unity, ending of bigotry, when she's thinking with her vagina alone.


it's like the bones didn't exist, like the greatest conqueror on earth, Genghis Kahn, an orphan and an escaped slave, relying on his sky Dad for his next meal. He was told he descended from a wolf, the Sun Goddess of Japan, and the first Shinto Kami to visit me, surname Deeb (wolf) on her mother's side.

Speaking of killer dolls.....Demontfort said Isaac's eyesight grew dim, to assist Rebecca in deception, to steal his house, possessions, and give them all to her monster. Isaac means "laughter". His nickname is Chuckles, or Chucky.

Denise and George were found at issaquah, lake Sam, Ted told them they were going sailing. Janice Ott was a probation officer. His eternal probation officer who does a thorough job of trying to get help him get away with probation violations, by knowing when and when not to break rules

: Zechariah. According to the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, Zechariah was a priest married to John's mother, Elizabeth. Zechariah also means laughter. The one father went blind. The other went mute.'

Our Ladies shall have the last laugh. The first victim of the lady killer was Elizabeth Potter Perry, the name of the Mother of John the Baptist and the Queen of England, (with Harry potter connections).


Veteran Member
Praying all night in his tent was what Kahn said brought victory. Foolish love, devotion, and trust. The corpse of Genghis Kahn was taken to heaven, the skeleton of Jesus was stolen by the Japanese, :p and they swear they have his bones. Mary's bones are missing, and the guy that made the skeleton of Mussolini, (the name that means "Jacob", married to Rachel, Jacob's favorite wife, was told by the ghost to make the tomb empty on easter, to imitate the resurrection.

Il Duce, wanted people to know dropping a Duce should remind you of the respect he deserves, and promises to only drop laughing gas from his bloody red baron, filled with virgins , the immaculate conception, perpetual virginity of the blessed Virgin Mussolini, caterpillar to butterfly...

....executed the feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, April 28, national superhero day.........Demontfort, who glorifies Idolatry with the Queen taking over God's house , said "in the end, the elect , who chronically rely on the Queen of Heaven, and let your soul be molded into God, in her womb that molds souls into Gods.

Ras Tafari, he is so much more loveable when the Christ incarnation, the final Lion of Judah is found beneath a toilet. President George Hawkins loves toilet humor, wants to restore the Solomonic dynasty, white house Ras Tafari renovations, wants Ted's Shinto mobile to be the official hot rod of the grateful dead kennedy's.

Jesus built our hot rod. Jesus was an architect , previous to his career as a prophet, created us to be his favorite snuff stars, and find ourselves in love with our God, in love with that guy that sucks the last breath out of you and tells the media "at that moment, you are God."

Please oh lord. Make it fun for both of the stars in your song of Solomon. We are with you all, who die naked, humiliated, at the hands of monsters.

Maximilian Kolbe was singing to his Queen the entire time, like he was one of the few people who was living the dream, super excited about his bright future.

We like getting ****ed up with our mom, lady of the Rosary.


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Saint Bernadette lived in a prison, bullied her entire life by Catholics who believed she belonged in an insane asylum, in a patted room, heavily medicated, or a lobotomy , because she was a disgrace, a source of humiliation for the Church elevating a girl who says the Virgin Mary doesn’t know what the Immaculate conception is, she doesn’t care, she is more concerned about getting the girl who looks at her with the maddening obsession of a creep, to obey her orders to get dirty, and bring forth miraculous water that is also considered sentient and female with the Shinto Religion.

The feast of our lady of Lourdes is february 11, the birthday of the Japanese dynasty where the Emperors believe what the Ancient Babylonians believed about women taking last place and commonly being weavers , murdered for the crime of having possession of beavers…..(on average before the age of thirty, because Eve ate an apple. The serpent that tempted Eve, according to Enoch, was Leviathan, ruler of the water, a female. Her enemy Behemoth, the Elephant monster is the male God wants to watch snuff her and get eaten.

God placed enmity between the serpent and the woman, because the watchers that created Nephilim, also taught women in Heaven and on earth, things that God would never want women to know, especially if they lay down with demons descending upon them upside down.

Obon Festival in Japan means “to hang upside down”. If a spirit is making noise, do not beat the poor leviathan girl. Surprise her.

Emperor Hirohito was exploited because of his sheltered recluse life, where everyone spoke for him and fed him the lies about Japan bringing better healthcare, education, and the blessing of being colonized by the Asian Empire of the rising sun.

He was an eccentric butterfly collector. It is the animal celebrated 03/14, national Pi day, a day associated with the female genitalia, because a song that bloodhound gang sings about vaginas, has the name of that date.

The symbol for Pi is often the symbol of Shinto, a step into another realm that Emperor Hirohito believed could turn the ugliest war criminal, into something that doesn’t resemble the mugshot of the caterpillar it was, the symbol of a cursed phallus crawling on it’s belly , eating the dirt, now has wings.

George Washington was said to have cut down the wrong tree, transformed into a horned serpent, and the only one I know of that people say would be larger than the 300 mile long Leviathan.

The Japanese Samurai were taught to treat the Chinese like trees. Hirohito wondered, “don’t these people know that Shinto began with prostrating before trees, decorating them, trees were the first Shinto shrines, with sister water, and the Tori, similar to the Theology of the Eastern gate of the Hebrew Temple, that only the prince could enter, symbolic of the chastity, the purity of the consecrated virgins.

Fatima, moon Goddess, source of the sun, who spoke of the coming of the greatest nightmare to come, worked a solar miracle…..Hirohito thanked Mary, Fatima, and Saint Bernadette for the fact that no cities came close to having the quantity of Christians as Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Veteran Member

Why were the skeletons of the nephilim not found with the skeleton of the dragon of George.​

Same reason George and Denise vanished from the crime lab. The evidence gets hidden. The secrets of the female Vatican are supposed to shock, confuse, cause the necessary rebellion against God, and free the spirits of the watchers he's hiding in the earth.

We need a mother bear. What gender were the watchers to get women pregnant? Can't they be sterilized, fixed?

The Descent of the Watchers​

(1 Enoch 6:1-7:1)​

By Philip Esler and Angus Pryor

1 Enoch 6:1-7:1 represents one of the great moments in human myth-making. It is a myth that is foundational for the Enochic tradition and continuously alluded to throughout the text. That is why it is placed at the beginning of the drama of 1 Enoch. 27 The passage begins as follows:
When the sons of human beings had multiplied, in those days, beautiful and comely daughters were born to them. And the Watchers, the sons of heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another, ‘Come, let us choose for ourselves wives from the daughters of human beings, and let us beget children for ourselves’ (1 Enoch 6:1).28
The myth itself was not invented by the Enochic authors, for they drew their primary inspiration from Gen. 6:1-2 in formulating it:
When human beings began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the human daughters were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose.
Nevertheless, the Enochic scribes subjected the basic story to three major modifications.
The first change consisted of the alteration of the short third person narrative in Genesis to a detailed drama. Even in 1 Enoch 6:1-2 we have the introduction of the Watchers speaking to one another, to urge their taking of human wives and propagation of children. In 1 Enoch 6:3-7 this dimension is greatly amplified with the introduction of a chief amongst them, Shemihazah, who, to prevent backsliding, urges them to take an oath that they will all do this deed and thus commit a great sin, a suggestion in which they acquiesce (vv.3-5). The action is then given a dramatic setting with their descent to earth in the region of Mount Hermon (v. 6) in the days of Jared (the patriarch who was Enoch’s father; Gen. 5:15-18). We are also provided with a dramatis personae, in the form of a list of their leaders (v. 7). At the same time, as the drama later develops it does not merely concern the Watchers who defected (not ‘fell’) from heaven, but also God, the rest of his angelic courtiers in the heavenly court, and Enoch himself, 29 all of whom engage in significant dialogue and act out particular roles.
The second change was in the additional element that the Watchers taught the women special knowledge. Thus, we come to the climax of the Watchers’ action in 1 Enoch 7:1, when the die is well and truly cast:
These and all the others with them took for themselves wives from among them such as they chose. And they began to go in to them, and to defile themselves through them, and to teach them sorcery and charms, and to reveal to them the cutting of roots and plants.
Thirdly, the Enochic scribes pushed other features of the Genesis source in a much darker direction, so that the secession of the Watchers from heaven acquired a central role in the evils besetting humanity and the earth. The Genesis account continues as follows:
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of human beings, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. The Lord saw that the wickedness of humanity was great on the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of their heart was only evil continually (6:4-5).
The text suggests that the union of the sons of heaven and human daughters produced Nephilim, literally ‘Fallen Ones’ but later, in Num 13;33, identified as giants. Yet these are presented in a totally positive way, as renowned mighty men of old. While the next verse attributes evil to humanity, there is no sign that the Nephilim were responsible. Not so in the interpretation of the Enochic scribes, although the relevant passage has textual uncertainties:
And they (sc. the Watchers) conceived from them and bore to them great giants. And the giants bore Nephilim, and to the Nephilim were born (Elioud?). And they were growing in accordance with their greatness. They were devouring the labor of all of the sons of human beings, and human beings were not able to supply them. And the giants began to kill human beings and to devour them (1 Enoch 7:2-4).
The Giants are no longer depicted in a positive light. Rather, their birth plays a direct role in the propagation of evil on the earth and a causal connection is established not evident in the Genesis account. As the drama develops, moreover, we will observe that further negative consequences for humanity and the earth will persist until the End-Time.


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Other details of the Genesis account are also modified. The ‘sons of God’ in Gen 6:2, whose nature was the cause of much controversy among Jewish and Christian writers later,30 are now unambiguously construed as heavenly beings, the Watchers, angels with a duty to guard the heavenly court, at the centre of which was the divine sovereign. The word ‘watchers’ was originally functional, referring to the role of angels in heaven ‘to watch’ what was occurring in heaven and on earth, so as to alert God to problems that were arising.31 Not all ‘watchers’ seceded from heaven. To designate those angels who did descend and marry human women, it is helpful to employ ‘Watchers’, with a capital letter.
Later in the text the authors attribute to God a long speech in which he sets out his reasons for wanting to punish the Watchers for leaving heaven to marry human wives (1 Enoch 15:3-7). God construes their action as a form of rebellion, and here the prevailing metaphor is that of courtiers in Ancient Near Eastern or Hellenistic courts who turned against their monarch. In this case, however, it is rebellion in the sense of an abandonment of a set of rules that God has established for the good order of his cosmos. The Watchers were made immortal and had no need of women. They should have stayed in heaven: ‘The spirits of heaven, in heaven is their dwelling’ (1 Enoch 15:7). Instead, they descended to earth. The primary issue is that ‘immortal spiritual beings not needing to engage in reproduction have joined themselves with mortal physical beings, beings of flesh and blood, who do need to reproduce.’ 32 This means that the Watchers have defiled themselves in the sense explained by anthropologist Mary Douglas, in that they have breached boundaries that are meant to keep separate realms apart.33
The artist’s starting-point for the painting The Descent of the Watchers (1 Enoch 6:1-7:1) is the memorable account of this event in 1 Enoch 6:1-7:1. His focus is specifically upon the Watchers’ descent to the women. In this painting he does not concern himself with the fact that the Watchers taught them magic and sorcery, or with the grievous consequences of this action for humanity and the earth. Those matters will be the subject of the next two paintings. In The artist has found inspiration in the work of British artists John Flaxman (1755-1826) and William Blake (1757-1827), both of whom (in 1821 and 1822 respectively) drew small and intimate studies of the Watchers descending to women on earth.
Flaxman and Blake were inspired to create these images by the publication of the first modern translation of 1 Enoch by Richard Laurence in 1821 based on the 1 Enoch manuscript supplied to the Bodleian Library in Oxford by the Scottish adventurer James Bruce.34 Flaxman’s drawing, Angels Descending to the Daughters of Men (Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art, USA) is a composition depicting a group of Watchers literally falling downwards towards the great beauty of the human women. In Blake’s drawing from 1822, Two Angels Descending to a Daughter of Man (Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art, USA) (see image below),35 the daughter is in evident distress as the two Watchers hover above her in a threatening manner. Blake has used an over-drawing technique to make erotic suggestions through very simple marks. Both drawings depict the Angels as faceless, threatening entities, while Blake’s drawing shows the woman in a compromised position, vulnerable and exposed.
William Blake, Two Angels Descending to a Daughter of Man, Pencil drawing ca. 1822,  (Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art, USA; Wikimedia)

William Blake, Two Angels Descending to a Daughter of Man, Pencil drawing ca. 1822, (Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art, USA; Wikimedia)


In the painting, the artist has depicted one woman and one descending Watcher standing in direct confrontation with each other. The images are juxtaposed, with the woman depicted as standing vertically while the Watcher descends head-first as if in a precipitous dive. The Daughter in this instance takes the form of a comely woman with hair painted gold to symbolise perfection, who stands on a bed of white hydrangea blossoms to convey her innocence. The Watcher is falling in such a manner that he is targeting her, with his hand in direct contact with her body, suggesting what is about to happen. On one side, gold stars surround the Daughter, girding her in an attempt at protection. The Watcher is surrounded by red stars to suggest his fall from grace and the transgression of flesh that is about to take place. The lines, drawn both straight and curving, are also in red as they suggest the phallus and the imminent loss of innocence of the human Daughter. The red lines thus foresee what will happen in the next instant—like a still frame of the future. Highly coloured birds surround the Daughter’s head, a feature that again enacts and suggests the need for protection, while at the base of the Watcher’s head two blackbirds foretell his fate.
The background composition is painted in parallel lines, all horizontal, to suggest the heavens meeting the earth. The golden sun and its rays penetrate a black sky to show where the Watcher has fallen from and, via the use of strata on the painting, how far he has fallen from his original starting point. On the Watcher’s side the red stars fall in unison, depicting the sin that is about to be committed. The composition in this part of the painting is also peppered with red jewels that look beautiful but come at a price. These boils of molten glass predict the future of the Watchers, encased in the earth’s molten core for long eons awaiting judgment. The single focus of the painting is this transgression: it deals with the fundamental violation of the boundaries that God established between the heavenly and the human realms. This produces lust and a loss of innocence and the ensuing corruption of humanity. There are consequences to these transgressions that can be seen in the sequence of the paintings.



Once again the artist has used real people to imprint onto the canvas (that is, by the pressing of flesh into paint) in order to give the work a real sense of the human and the sensual. The relationship between the painted and pressed markings convey the real rather than the observed. The objects that sit on the surface create multi-layers, giving not only the painting but also the text a three dimensionality. The post-conceptual nature of the painting, along with the objects on the canvas, creates a sense of textual space, both real and imagined. This painting—conveying as it does warning rather than celebration—acts out the text visually so that the viewer can read the narrative within it.