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I got bitten by a beaver video!


Veteran Member
The beaver actually totally cured me of despair, hatred for God, hatred for life...at least temporarily...

And I can say "thank you Jesus". ..where it was total hatred earlier...

His name Clarence is the male version of a historical figure and another important person in real life with the female version of that name "Claretta, Clara".

Amazing how the bite of a beaver can remedy thoughts of suicide, and desires to murder my creator.

Maybe that is all the fallen angels and Antichrist need, a bite from the right beaver, with the right name, at the right time. ;) :D

Not quite a medicine man, but medicine woodchuck perhaps...sawdust Caesar carpenter, they sure do come out of the wood work to convert demon possessed antichrists better than any sermon...preach the gospel always, sometimes use words, other times use beavers and woodchucks

Exorcists...the Lord defeated Satan with a wood chuck or beaver, setting the captive free, missionary style. :D


Glad to hear you have been relieved of despair.
Please make sure to see a doctor as Beavers can transmit parasites or rabies.


Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member
From the thread's title, I expected something pornish.
BTW, that's a whistle pig / ground hog / wood chuck,
not a beaver.