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I got a black co-worker high on Fascism


Veteran Member
This is in restricted journals asking the Mods if they can make an exception when they see what I'm talking about. When I speak of Fascism it is simply an anointed leader who ends division and creates unity, while defending and promoting religion and spirtual government.

By " butterfly Fascism" I mean a reborn version that doesn't resemble the 1919 version anymore than a butterfly resembles itself after hanging upside down as a caterpillar.

The Duce I know does not approve of wars of aggression and in fact stalled the German invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia as well as did all he could to prevent that war.

But the Duce I know is a new creation after hanging upside down by his heels like a caterpillar waiting for transformation.

Scripture says, "nothing unclean shall enter Heaven". That is extremely Fascist. Everyone in heaven worships their Duce (it means leader). Everyone in heaven works together and there is no division. That is precisely the goal of Fascism and the epitome of Fascist Utopia. It is not a Democracy.

So, I converted a brother to butterfly Fascism at work recently. He said listening to me talk about Mussolini conquering Rome and taking control of the military, government, and dismantling Democracy to become a Dictator without shedding blood, and my extolling the virtues of the Fascist Doctrine , was making him "high as a kite", he also said "wow, listening to you talk is as entertaining as riding a rollercoaster". He treated me like I was God. Even folding his hands and bowing at one point.

I mentioned the Fascist practice of decorating graves and leaving offerings for the dead and he dumped his vodka out on the ground and he said, "that's my offering to you and the spirits Spidey."

I mentioned my practice of praying to the 2,400,000 soldiers enshrined at Yasukuni home for the war dead, and devotion to people violently murdered. He couldn't help but keep interrupting me to say, "that's exactly what I do".

I spoke about the Japanese Fascist book of souls, where the names of everyone who dies for the Emperor are written. He told me a word I can't remember and he said, "it's the term for a book that honors the dead.". I spoke of the Imperial dynasty, the banzai bayonet charges, the explosive torpedos guided with humans inside, suicide submarines and battleships, kamikaze pilots, all eager to die honorably for the Emperor, telling each other and their families, "we will meet again at Yasukuni shrine". He found it extremely fascinating.

My black peer support specialist called me after coming to my apartment which had a door covered in Mussolini pictures, Fascist propaganda, and typing out what Mussolini did during his almost 23 years in power and taping it to the door. She said, "I love your door. You obviously aren't racist like people are saying because you have a picture of Malcolm X next to Mussolini..... You're a genius". Next time I visited her, I shared the gospel of Mussolini with her and she thought it was brilliant and amazing.

It's interesting that I'm openly admitting I'm a Fascist and promoting it in real life, and it's people of color that are most receptive to it.

Roughly half of the world's Fascists are conservative Catholics from Central and South America. I think people of color are truly the future of Fascism. Fascists who became monsters like Franco were needing to be vicious sheep dogs to protect the flock from militant Marxism, bolshiveks, and communists. Nice dogs don't make good sheep dogs. No form of government spilled more blood than communism, and arguably it was Fascist movements that prevented a communist takeover of most of the globe.

Why is it that some people in real life are so receptive, but I post my thoughts online and everyone thinks I'm a leperous freak?


Veteran Member
By Fascist, I don't in any way approve of Hitler. I think he was an idiot and he forever made Fascism the ugliest word in politics.

Mussolini didn't know about the death camps. Hitler kept that a secret as much as he could even from his own people.

What Mussolini saw was France was about to fall and only great Britain was left and Hitler was telling him he would have to enter the war either for or against Germany.

If he allied himself with Germany he was promised he would be Caesar of a restored Roman Empire that fought the spread of Communism and defended religious freedom and defended faith in God, and kept God in government and schools.

His other option was to be quickly run over by Hitler's unstoppable war machine that defeated four countries quickly without losing a battle.

A Nazi occupation of Italy would have been worse for Italy's Jews as well. Needless to say, he was making the choice that made the most sense at that time.

He made the wrong choice no doubt, but still, it made sense.