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I am your sword


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I who when killed is still with believers
In the sky connected from us
I light the way no matter how much deny the disbelievers
They do their best to a cause a fuss

They say where is my proof?
Yet aside from my authority does anyone have any?
The book raises my status to the highest roof
No one can even count my virtues for they are too many

The book that marvels with wonders
Fear of God it thunders
Do you not see?
All it wants from you to is embrace me?

Me who is God's sword with you
Me who is the holy call
But the heedless have no clue
How I am a mercy for all

How long will you ignore
The call within is a blessing
Petty things you seek of more
So the treasures you are losing

Treasures from the divine
Put in your soul so you can gain talent
So you can go to love's wine
So you can return to the benevolent

Pleased having pleased
At peace having spread peace
From the darkness being released
To the light ascending with ease

Pick me up one last time
I am your sword
Letting me go will be too much of a crime
To be forgiven by your Lord

I am Ali
I am Hassan
Be Mighty
You and I will defeat Satan

Courage to face the darkness
That you chosen to embrace in rebellion
The overwhelming ugliness
All I ask is let me restore your inner world to God's legion

I am Fatima
I am Mohamad
Son of Sarah
Do not regarding God's choice be mad

Embrace it
Accept it
Be it
Fly to it
Fight by it
Die upon it
Don't run away from it

From your Lord
I am your Sword
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