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How important to you is imagery?


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What role does imagery have in your belief system?

To me, imagery is extremely important in lessening the void between concrete reality and spiritual reality. The imagery helps put spiritual things in perspective for my image based mind. Most people think in an image based manner; therefore symbolism can be a very effective tool for helping them understand the spiritual.

An altar with a pentagram and other aspects of Satanic imagery basically acts as an interface between oneself and the Occult, if that makes any sense.


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Imagery to me has significant meanings, when I visualize the sigil of baphomet or the Pentagram of Set It reflects the forces of the powers of darkness within my subjective realms. At times I originally used Egyptian symbolism as well such as symbols that represent Set and the forces of Darkness, the Sammael and Lilith Pentagram for me is a strong meaning reflecting the fallen angel Sammael and how they both became lovers, while I am single myself and I have never had a girl in my life the symbol reflects my own subjectivity and power. The sigil of Baphomet for me represents the animalism that we all carry when the goat is placed within the pentagram signifying the Hebrew words Leviathan. The Leviathan Cross in my own interpretations signifies the balance and protection between male to female signifying hell as a great eternal afterlife. For me when I realized that I was a Satanist I viewed studying symbols to be of importance whether it's useful within ritual or for something else.


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What role does imagery have in your belief system?
I use many symbols, objects, and images. The most significant symbol is the Great Pentagram, as it represents the Magical Link to me. I made mine pretty large for that reason. I also like to use the Old English font even if it's a bit hard to read in the dark ;).
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What role does imagery have in your belief system?

Imagery and symbolism are important to all humans as they give a visual definition and aesthetic illustration of abstract ideas, concepts, and principles. In Magical practice, symbols themselves can take on certain powers of their own assigned to them by the Magickian. For instance, during my ritual workings and meditations the inverse pentagram, which symbolizes certain things to me, also becomes as a gateway linking my mind and being with that of the Prince of the Powers of Darkness.

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