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Historical interesting Quakers

A lot of the time it feels that Quaker contributions to American political and social thought is overlooked these days. Let's celebrate their contributions to this nation by listing our favorite Quaker individuals and ideas here with a short explanation on who/what they were. Mine are as follows:

Herman Husband - While eventually expelled from the Quaker fellowship on account of bizarre and radical political ideas, Husband was always identified with the faith and was an active participant for a good portion of his life. His ideas about America's role as the New Jerusalem and what exactly that meant would lead to stoking the flames of the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania.

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
I'm gonna have to look it up in my history book, but I was reading that back in sometime around the time of the American Revolution war I think a group of women went as diplomats to some convention in England. They were turned around at the door by the men of the gathering, and if I recall right they protested it. All but two of the women present were Quakers. I also had no idea that even back then Quakers where pushing for gender equality (such as women priests), and overall they seemed to be one of the better societies that settled the New World. Actually the one thing I did learn in my US History class this semester is the Quakers have unfairly been overlooked, especially as progressive as they seem to be.