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Hinduism DIR reminder.


Spiritually confused Jew
Premium Member
Attention Hinduism DIR

As of late, there seems to be a recurring theme of debating in the DIR and reporting posts because person A doesn’t like the theology or POV of person B.

Please keep the following in mind.

1.) The Diversity of Hinduism - One of the biggest blessings (and curses, if we’re honest) about Hinduism is the amazing diversity within our faith. As such, often times even within the same samparadaya, disagreements and different interpretations are bound to happen. Such diversity should be respected and even facilitate discussion, as long as it doesn’t cause debate or arguments in the DIR. We can disagree all we want, as long as no name calling or debate comes from it. If you wish to debate, there is the the Religious Debates forum; as well as the Same Faith Debates, and General Religious Debates sub-forums.

2.) Not everyone is a traditional Hindu - While there are many traditions in Hinduism, not everyone follows a traditional school. Or, they can have their own interpretations of particular traditions. As long as it is presented as opinion or belief and not “objective fact”, this is allowable. If you feel that “wrong views” are being presented, please keep this in mind. Or refer to one of the aforementioned debate sub-forums.

3.) Reporting posts - The purpose of report button is to report posts that violate any of the of the forums rules; not because someone presents a view that goes against what you do or don't believe. If you abuse this feature for that reason, the staff has the ability to take revoke reporting privileges. Going through reports takes enough time as it is without having to deal with reports of individuals not liking another person's religious/theological/philosophical POV. I understand that there is often times a fine line between an opinion and a rule violation, but it's still a line nonetheless.

With this in consideration, keep calm and post on.

- Starry

tender care

New Member
Hinduism includes a range of viewpoints about the origin of life, creationism and evolution. The Rigveda mentions the Hiranyagarbha("golden embryo") as the source of the creation of the Universe, similar to the world egg motif found in the creation myths of many other civilizations. It also contains a myth of proto-Indo-European origin, in which the creation arises out of the dismemberment of a cosmic being (the Purusha) who is sacrificed by the gods.[1] As for the creation of the primordial gods themselves, the Nasadiya Sukta of Rigveda takes a near-agnostic stand, stating that the Gods came into being after the world's creation, and nobody knows when the world first came into being.[2] In the later Puranic texts, the creator god Brahma is described as performing the act of 'creation', or more specifically of 'propagating life within the universe'. Some texts consider him equivalent to the Hiranyagarbha or the Purusha, while others state that he arose out of these. Brahma is a part of the trinity of gods that also includes Vishnu and Shiva, who are responsible for 'preservation' and 'destruction' (of the universe) respectively.