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Hindu temple near me

an anarchist

Your local anarchist.
I recently moved into a little trailer, and right on the other side of my fence is the only Hindu Temple in town. I am unsure of how to enter, I would like to go though.
There is a number for me to call.
Has anyone here been a monk or a practitioner in a Hindu temple? Can you give me some general advice about entering that lifestyle? I’ve wanted to be a practitioner in a temple, for some time. The urge comes and goes, but I thirst for spiritual growth, and I think that a temple environment is optimal.


Still learning to be wise
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Have a shower, wear modest clothes and refrain from eating meat that day. Then just go on in and make friends with the pundit lol
Easy peasy


Be your own guru
I will stress on modest clothes and removal of shoes (general practice, socks OK). No need for any offerings to deities on the first visit or perhaps just a flower or two. A 'namaste' to deities will do. Sit down and observe. That is all what there is to do.