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Happy Science Films

Samantha Rinne

Resident Genderfluid Writer/Artist
Also known as Kofuku no Kagaku, they're kinda the Japanese equivalent of Scientology.

Happy Science - Wikipedia

They're basically a sect/cult that is kinda offshoot Buddhism, basically believing that the Buddha has been reborn already, and having a few odd notions of the afterlife (they don't seem to believe in the Six Paths but instead see reality as producing a large number of evil spirits, and that alot of cultures from the Incas to the Atlanteans had sorta Buddha-like figures), and a sorta universal figure called El Cantare which has been worshiped alternatively as the Elohim, Odin, Thoth, Hermes, and Shakyamuni Buddha. They are also big into UFOs and Atlantis, so their movies are ummmm weird. They are of course, given that it's Japan, anime.

I've seen two of them, Laws of the Sun and Rebirth of Buddha. There is some sketchy stuff and some really weird stuff, but it seems to be kinda uplifting. It sorta feels like Spiritism, if that was somehow translated into Buddhism.

Happy science - YouTube

And yes, this does tend to slow browsers down. There are a LOT of videos.
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Ya, and I used to make up stuff, then I didn't, when I was just trying to get along with people, then you got religion, then you don't spend all this time making up stuff. 2% Christian Japan! Whats it mean 60-70% Christian style weddings, what's that worth , what's that mean, and it could be less Christian than the Christian Korean wedding ceremony.


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Tell you what I'd ask Buddhists, before I even knew what a buddhist thinks, is why we care about reincarnation? Nobody says your soul is identifiable, nobody says they claim past lives, why care a pinball gets another quarter?
Buddha reincarnations all over the videos. Now I am Really confused! So the Buddha didn't want more reincarnations to end pain and their videos are full of dynastic royal Buddha reincarnations?!