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Happy New Year to UU!

Green Gaia

Veteran Member
Five Ways to Live Unitarian Universalist Values in the New Year

1. Learn More about the 2004-2006 Study Action Issue on global warming.
The UUA Commission on Social Witness has provided a wealth of information, in collaboration with the UUA's Washington Center for Legislative Advocacy. Read more about this important world issue and take action in your congregation and your community!

2. Become involved in a covenant group/small group ministry in your congregation.
Covenant groups are a transformational practice through which we, with others, can discover our own underlying assumptions about reality and examine our ways of being, some of which have become so habitual that they seem to us just 'the way things are.' Visit the Small Group Ministry website and the UUA's small group ministry page to find out more!

3. Become a more active lay leader in your congregation.
Our congregtions need all of us to strengthen the voice of Unitarian Universalism in our community and the wider world. The InterConnections lay leadership site offers you QuickStart information, Frequently Asked Questions, a link to the InterConnections newsletter, and more!

4. Talk to other Unitarian Universalists and share information and learning.
The UUA hosts over 250 email lists and several bulletin boards which can help you connect to other UUs around the globe and share learning, ideas, and fellowship. Visit our communication forum page and follow the links to subscribe to uua-l, our news and information email list, or any of the others that will feed your mind and your deeper connection to our faith!

5. Nurture your spirit - read a Skinner House book!
Mary Wellemeyer's Admire the Moon has just been published, and offers a loving look at life, the spirit, and the worshipping center of our souls - perfect for reflection in this new year!