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Freyr Headdress

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
This piece is mostly handcrafted, of mostly natural materials. Hand sewn, cut, and burned with leather, deer antlers, ox teeth, and leather cording. The only non-natural materials are coins of various denominations and nationalities hung from the antlers, jingle bells, and the only machined tools used was a power drill to put holes in the coins. And the wood burner, of course.

The headdress is made to honor the Norse god Freyr. He is of the Vanir tribe, and so Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runes line the hood, as well as various bind-runes relevant to the god. He is associated with wealth: the ox teeth represent material wealth (livestock), while the coins represent financial wealth. The antlers represent his lone weapon at the Ragnarök; a single deer's antler as he faces off against the fire giant Súrt.

More photos hopefully coming Tuesday.