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favorites songs with no/to little vocals/lyrics.

We Never Know

No Slack
Sometimes I just put in my earpods, turn the music up and ignore the rest of the world. Music with no vocals/lyrics to think about helps do that.

And one remix from the old spaghetti westerns



Be your own guru
Dhrupad singing - Alap. Does not require lyrics.
I cant enjoy the music now with my hearing handicap but perhaps this video will give you some idea of music without lyrics.


Gargovic Malkav

Well-Known Member
My brother used to drive me nuts with this.

Lol, when you play the first part of this track to someone in my country of my generation, there's a good chance they will smile and say: "Bassie en Adriaan!"

It's a popular tv show many kids watched who grew up in the 80s and 90s, and this track was often used in one or two series during suspenseful scenes.

Gargovic Malkav

Well-Known Member
Got a deja vu when I saw the preview picture of the other song I posted, so I think I've posted that one before.
So here's another one.
I want to be able to whistle this tune but I always get false notes when I try.. :(

@We Never Know Oh, and happy birthday!

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Well-Known Member

I remember listening to this on the beach at Jekyll Island in the middle of the night. Calmest I'd been in a while.