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I've been getting more and more involved in Proto-Germanic Paganism both academically and spiritually. This is a hymn I wrote to a single god who has three names, at least two of which will be recognized later as independent of each other.

This first name is Ermunaz, meaning "whole", coming from PIE Aryomen "wholeness of our tribe's freemen". As Ermunaz he is a god of unity, healing and is a divine ancestor. He will later be recognized as Irmin or Jörmun.

Another aspect is Leugjaz from PIE Leughios. He as this will later be recognized as Loki. Leugjaz means "lie" later, but originally meant "oath". As Leugjaz he is a god of oaths and mysticism connected to oaths and fate, as well as limitations, later making him a more emphasized trickster.

Wōdanaz, not of direct PIE origin but celtic "watis", is the most famous name and will later be known as Odin or Woden. At first he's simply a god of poetry, arts and magic but he later developes an association with war and also assumes the role as Allfather.

"Hail Ermunaz! Lord of unity, healing, community, authority and relationships. May our bodies and kindreds find balance and frith!

Hail Leugjaz! God of fate, chaos, magic and debt. May we know our limits and the value of our words having been spoken!

Hail Wōdanaz! Master of poetic rage and guide to all arts, magics, sciences and skills. May we strive to have the beautiful manifestation of poets, wisdom of magicians, knowledge of scholars and abilities of blood-drunken warriors!

Hail the god of unity, oaths and the arts!"


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ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय
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Apparently something in Proto-Germanic Paganism speaks to you and something inspired you to take this path. The gods do indeed work in mysterious ways.