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Emma Charlotte Watson. Woman who rides the Beast. Emma means "Catholic/Universal" Anghor Wat = Temple City!


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It's My Birthday!

The Four Most Beautiful Women​

The Talmud states:

There were four women of extraordinary beauty in the world: Sarah, Abigail, Rahab and Esther. And according to the one who said that Esther was greenish in color, remove Esther from the list and insert Vashti in her place.5
If Scripture6 itself testifies to Esther’s beauty, how could one claim that she wasn’t beautiful?

Some explain7 that she was indeed extraordinarily beautiful when she was chosen as queen. But as we know, Esther had no interest in being queen. On the contrary, it caused her much pain and suffering, and she would often cry and fast, which caused the change in her complexion. But nevertheless, as Rabbi Yehoshua ben Korcha states, the “cord of grace” made her beautiful.

That must be where Muslims get the idea of Four Perfect women, Quad instead of Trinity. 4 is Joker's number....Heath ledger born 0404, last joker came out 10-4, eve of Yom Kippur bebah last 10-4, My messiah, Meadow Jade (Green) Pollack's birthday was Yom Kippur. holiest day of the year.

10-4 is the feast of the first stigmatic. I called the nine wounds of the parkland princess "Parkland stigmata" before mentioning that.

I consider 9 the number of completion. Because 7 would be only if 7 got hungry enough and ate nine :p

after nine comes 1, and 0. So, 9 is the omega. 1 is the Alpha.

9 days of prayer caused a kamikaze, Divine wind, Pentecost to descend on Apostles as a dove. 9 nights of prayer honoring Durga's victory over the Buffalo Demon was going on when I first identified Meadow's wounds as the stigmata that heals our wounded souls.

Odin hung upside down nine days for his revelation.

Mussolini and his mistress hung upside down from meat hooks on Hirohito's birthday.

Maybe they spent another rest of the nine hanging upside down in another realm wrapped in silk, waiting to become virgins, for the "Lord of the Butterflies ( sting like bees)"

Meadow Jade was born 1999.....Tiberium Sun came out 1999, the eagle and scorpion banner for the two sides fighting for global domination, are both symbols for Dan, meaning he is a peacemaker between enemies....

that is what the Antichrist is supposed to be, which would make him "Child of God" , even more than Jesus Christ who wasn't a peace maker..

Jade colored crystals named after Tiberius Caesar were the main way to fund the war on both sides.

A Cat has nine lives...Jesus , the serpent tribe, and the Antichrist from the sea, are CATS.... (Lion, leopard, Dan began as serpent /dragon, became more other animals than any son of Jacob....lion cub is what moses called him and used his serpent ID to eat bad serpents , and heal , save lives , those who simply looked at him.)

Dan is also a Phoenix, so after his nine suicides are over....9 new opportunities for suicide rise from the Ashes,...;.must be why Dan is in "Rodan


Charlie's angels in India is called "CATS", two of them hung from fans like Mary Kennedy, One of their names who hung was Joseph, the name of the Father and Brother of JFK, the "cursed" American Royal family, political dynasty.

Joseph hung with someone born 0208, birthday of James Dean, who died in a spider Porsche. James means "To supplant, remove from power and replace", an alternative for Jacob, name of the brother of the Apostle John/jack, alternative for Jacob.

Dean is a monk who controls people, or has vows of obedience made to him. James Dean played Cain in the Movie East of Eden. East of Eden was the Land of Nod, an independent place East of Heaven, for those whom God is too good for , and who he wants to torture forever in hell.

If Judas is cursed, or anyone suffering, if I am truly compassionate and loving the poorest and suffering like Jesus commands....I should prefer to be suffering with them, trying to learn how to console them, or there is simply no charity praising, serving the Deity that refused to help those I have chronically seen have no ability to help themselves, or no that God is even there, or loves them.

The best Saint Joseph and Saint Mary....they hang from a tree like Judas to let him know they love him enough to share the burden, or chose to be a curse, because if enough of the loving people in heaven and on earth started doing that, you are going to get more from God, than praising him, if your motive is courage and love.

Jesus actually made that clear, so did Moses, so did Jacob and Rebecca. Joseph made it clear that the best thing that ever happened to him was he lost his freedom , became slave to the right Pagan God, who gave his house, possessions, resources, wealth, and the only superpower to the Hebrew slave who used the dreams of a gentile Idol/God ("Demon") Pharaoh, to most of the world.

The woman and the beast of Babylon the mother of Harlots was riding, Cyrus the great, was praised more by God than Moses or any prophet I can think of. God was almost ready to kill moses and wouldn't let him enter the promised land. God offered only praise for Cyrus, the closest correction was "Although you do not know me, I'm going to make you more awesome than the people who do know me"...;) the second part was rephrasing a whole bunch of stuff that God said which was the same message in many words.

Cyrus , who worshiped Babylon Prostitute Deities, and God's least favorite "Queen of Heaven", became the most successful leader the world has ever seen. How many leaders colonize a bunch of people whose culture and religion says his is satanic abomination, then after he dies, (when they can speak freely or calumniate), they say, "We are glad we lost. Never was there a leader who treats all of us as children, showing extra generosity to those who hate him most, or who have been poisoned by a religion or cult to think their Father is evil , or his gods of charity, mercy, and equality, justice, rational thought, some how a cause of our problems.

....he would not want anyone to think they are second place , based off of class, ethnicity, religion, region, the most humble of Emperors and fathers. If he felt that way, his actions never gave any indication of it."

So, it totally defeats the idea that Idolatry is evil, when the most generous person the Bible calls "Messiah" doesn't pray to anyone other than the Idols God hates the most, who intentionally made himself the monarch with the title of his 8 pointed star "Lucifer".

Jesus never came close to a small fraction of the success that Cyrus had in his life at being a peace maker (Bible says peacemakers are blessed children of God. Jesus said "I did not come to bring peace, but came to bring sword and division).

Cyrus prevented a thorough worldwide attempt at extermination of Abrahamic monotheism , by putting forth more money, time, energy, creating the largest empire up until then, where it is just as safe for a Jew anywhere (including Babylon) as in Israel, instituting the laws to be enforced so that it could be possible for that to continue after his death.

Otherwise, it would have become a religion like the Aztec and Inca Religions, which once seemed to be showing all evidence in America of having the most truth, the most powerful supernatural forces, possibly the first pyramids built before the invention of the wheel. Totally not understandable a mystery how they made that possible...

It was a very powerful organized political , military, religious, entertainment, educational, and religious force in America, those most advanced Empires before Europeans arrived. Quickly they were reduced to almost nothing. All evidence showed that was about to happen to Abrahamic Monotheism as any political, educational, organized force with many numbers, or anything significant or not going extinct, had Cyrus not invested so much into keeping them alive , paying for the Temple, paying for lots of other things.

Largely to honor Queen Esther, who was courageous, selling her body and using deception for political power , having the name alternative for Ishtar , whore of Babylon.

Cyrus was from Iran, but wanted to be recognized as King of Babylon, precisely because that city is hated the most by Yahweh, he could demonstrate that it was precisely that city, and the Goddess Inanna, Mother of Harlots, woman who rides the beast, who did what historians say is what saved the savior, without some miracle far greater than anything else contained in Scripture.

He never discouraged people from being Jewish or said Cyrus and his religion is necessary to avoid damnation. His teachings didn't cause problems, bigotry, fear, suicide, inquisitions, holocausts, antisemitism.

The teachings of Jesus did so , they did indeed do so more than anyone who came before Christ. Then Muhammad destroying so much with Christ, the Religion of Cyrus did sort of Vanish like what was going to happen to Abrahamic Monotheism,

But Cyrus prevented it...

In other words. "Thank you Cyrus, thank you Queen of Heaven. That's how God treats those he loves". Especially when they save him, bail him out of prison or on the verge of his religion going extinct or becoming irrelevant.. ;)


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It's My Birthday!
I saw this reminding me of the tattoo of the Jew from Meadows state of Florida.

The dragon fly was her mother Deborah, Queen Deborah, my favorite Jewish Queen in scripture.

A nickname I gave meadow jade.

Zephyrus is God of the west wind I think. East wind is vanity supposedly


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It's My Birthday!
Debbby means "Bee".

Much of this is for a thread so some you have read before....

I found that "Fighting Sea Bees" military jacket, beginning of Memorial day weekend......after 2017 when memorial day was JFK's birthday....last memorial day was JFK's birthday....memorial day prior to that, it was when I found the Philomena cord.

Today I found the same stripes....only it was a red and white hat with "USA", a star , next to red and white checkers....

Deborah, Queen, resembled the Queen Bee of any Jewish woman, because all men were wimps compared to her. When men were boasting of what they would do to the most wanted man who was hiding, she prophecies to humble them that the honors of him getting slain, would be given a woman, a weaker and less prestigious woman of authority than her.

Like with Bees. There are male workers who commit suicide just to keep the Queen warm. If a female Bee gets killed, it's a rival female competing for the throne. There are no kings is my point. The King is as weak and pathetic, it's tough finding someone more weak and pathetic.

So, it sort of resembles chess in the sense that the King really is nothing other than the Queens b*tch, that she could kick his butt with both hands tied behind her back, and she is his only competent protector that you want back from the dead, if you get a pawn to the other side and can raise her from the dead.

Women do suck on average, and I'm not kissing butt.... I don't just mean in adult humor way, but woman are rather shallow minded these days, on average, which I don't doubt, I'm not impressed.

But how stupid men are highly contributes to women losing respect for themselves, lose respect for men, and any values that women, have that make them more powerful for very important missions, like devotion to children that takes first place over education, career....it is minimized by stupid feminist... (that stupid men not being men have contributed to)

.... jobs like pacification of monsters, preventing a school shooting or serial killer, they can do that with so much less effort and physical strength, even better than Jesus or the Father are capable of, and women do that not usually by acting like these feminists who are toxic to be around. (not all of them. Some are amazing....their sacrifices....hunger strikes....their perseverance...they have balls,....but those are not today's feminists)

Which is why the BIble, and the way it constantly favors a proud , violent, self righteous male hypocrite, demonizing the mother who can be the only remedy for those most hopeless....such people that God Dad, cannot help with his sadistic threats, hypocrisy, pride, lust for power, the need to be the only center of attention and devotion, the male God of the Bible would have turned me into the most extreme of Antichrist as far as attitude , blasphemy, hatred for God goes....undoubtedly would I have been supporting Joseph Stalin if he were getting control of contemporary America.

The one thing that made me the opposite of what Joseph Stalin stands for, what is responsible for my hatred turning into charity, the biggest reason I am not in prison, and responsible for deeds like when I have literally given my shirt off my back ( to a woman who asked), walking away half naked, bruising my pride....

.....or the only reason for me putting myself in dangerous circumstances to help the most hurting people (which came close to destroying my life , caused me to lose my mind when I invite homeless people into my house and they come onto me sexually, run off with my phone and items of value, then return to apologize and say they're freezing and have drugs to offer if I let them stay.

The next time he swung at me, another time he barged into my apartment I forgot to lock in the middle of the night. I jumped up shouting like a mad man , one of us was going to either die, because until I'm too injured or dead to keep fighting, I'm not letting him do whatever he's planning, if I can find a knife or something heavy to make him regret and never try it again (unless he brings a gun.)

Keep in mind, I could help the other innocent people he preys on by doing that, so it is motivated by charity, because he had cops show up and charge into the apartment next to me where he threw a rock through the window and temporarily entered.

Police don't show up in time. I needed to do something at the moment to set an example the police would take to long to, even with the restraining order. So, it was getting ugly just for me being nice to a homeless guy.

I was surprised how scared he looked being a much bigger guy in a black neighborhood. I'm a smaller than average white boy. Maybe I had an Angel or Devil helping *shrug*...I was not expecting a black guy his size to freeze up like he's petrified , back up to the door hunched over in a posture of shock and make up some lie "Sorry, somebody told me you stole from me"

Maybe a guy that jumps off a three story building onto concrete, holds the most aggressive spiders for sale, charges police with hand in pocket shouting "I have a gun"....can be scary to a big black guy. I know midgets were a very common phobia in treatment among people from ghettos and inner cities.

Spiders are more scary based on ethnicity apparently, because there was a black staff member who wouldn't even let me say the word spider. She told me "Your S...say S..not that scary S word" please don't say that word. Another said that if it got loose, he would evacuate the building and sleep outside. Anyone know what that might be about?


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It's My Birthday!
.but it isn't predators like him that I am angry at. I would want him to comfortably be put into a state where he is happy , blissful, unable to hurt anyone, euphoric chemical lobotomy....because people like him cannot help themselves. God refuses to offer him help, and wants us to blame people for things that only God is capable of changing, and yet he refuses. Blaming him is like blaming athletes in special oIympics for not being in normal olympics, like it's their fault.

Before God formed people in the womb without arms , legs, or eyes, he knew precisely and intentionally, what he was doing. Some people are going to be unable to love, and chronically tortured with an inability to have peace without satiating their chronic, nagging, torturous longing for raping and murdering innocent people, committing crimes, doing drugs, setting fires to or blowing up buildings, shooting up schools or public places.

If you are not chronically tormented with dark disturbing temptations to torture and murder people you don't know, then who are you to say they deserve to be tortured and murdered for acting out those temptations? It never was as struggle for you. For them, it is chronic torture, and no one understands them, they have often been unloved, abused, and what good will revenge accomplish on them, when it's the fault of the God who could help them and refused!

Those people will get worse when they read the Bible. They start talking about Scripture and it's so hard to listen to them.

the pressure in their voice, the saliva that might squirt from their face in rage, the rapid intensity of how irritated, annoyed, tortured the stupidity within that book is causing them. In so many jails and places where sociopath mentality , feelings of being abandoned by God, so much extreme evidence it appears to be proof that God does not love them,....

.... I feel extremely sorry that the book or such an irrational Deity even exists. Love for others is the motive behind my blasphemies and rage at the male God. Fortunately, violently murdered women visited me, and I could actually find them loveable, and the impressions they left on mind, imagination, inner messages of the heart , mind , soul, written on walls, through other people, things I write down, dreams, followed by items that are confirming it cannot all just be wishful thinking.....

That was the solution for a very hopeless man like me. And surely, it must be the remedy for others. And I can't prove it, so it is torture knowing people like me go to their graves in such hopelessness, suicide, despair, better off if their mother had aborted them

... People like the earlier man man I mentioned, who was the final straw for me to stop obeying the command of Christ to welcome strangers, love enemies, made me lose all hope. Until I realized, the original faith of Israel (Jacob) was obeying and serving the right woman (Rebecca) who is less than God by anointing, but so much bigger than God in virtue.....his religion was "Contender with God.....fight with God and win....." obey the woman telling you to rebel against Dad, trust that she knows best, essentially God is a monster....Israel by it's definition, is the vocation and title of the Devil (Adversary of God = contender with God, fighter with God. Only Israel Scripture says "You have fought with God and won".

Regarding people victimizing intelligent people with a lot of potential, who spend their monthly tax payers dollars on drugs , the state pays for their incarceration , meals, warm water, (I know he doesn't sleep outside in January , February......), so their life seems to offer nothing but misery for them and others....the act of mercy and charity might be to comfortably put them to sleep like your dog with rabies, no?

I put a catholic priest in a head lock in Buffalo New York,

He called me a wimp....I was totally cool with getting killed with bullets, but the priest called me a wimp for not wanting to get bludgeoned with a crowbar or baseball bat that might leave me permanently retarted , speech impediment , confined to wheelchair, epilepsy etc.

When he called me a wimp, I got in his face, he grabbed my chest to move me away, eventually when people got upstairs, I had him in a headlock as he was pushing my face into a chair. He was a young athletic priest who ran and worked out a lot. I wouldn't have attacked an elderly feeble priest.

But a lot of people didn't like him, because he was proud of how athletic he is, made fun of people, was the high and mighty one telling people to stop watching TV, "Happy feast day guys, lets praise Jesus"....
get off the computer, go jogging" with him, and bragging about how he could fix clogged drains and stuff rather than call a maintenance man.

Do things that other priests usually don't know how to do. It made a lot of people super pissed at him. His name is the last name of the first victim of Ted Bundy, (Perry) from where I live,. The victim enshrined on the wall where she worked in Minneapolis.

The last time memorial day fell on her birthday. I found a Philomena cord on the sidewalk. Those are so rare, I have never even seen one in a Church, so extremely unlikely on a sidewalk not near a church (I have seen only ones that were ordered from Texas, where JFK got assassinated.....A mother was accused of killing her two daughters and herself , in the same state JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald died at the same hospital two days apart.

Elizabeth died at Parkway, sounding similar to "Parkland".....the other three murders in 2019, (birthday of Saint Philomena and Elizabeth Perry), was something the relatives of the mother, never came to terms with....the police accused the mom of killing herself and daughters. They react to it like it's just as much a police scandal or refusal to make the sacrifice necessary to learn the truth, as seen in that same state over Kennedy.

Her daughter had a celebration for her birthday after her death that showed more people loved, were inspired by, and forever remember, cherish the memory of her, than most people would have at a party they were present at, in an alive state where people could see and hear them....but one sign she was there , a butterfly release where a man couldn't get the butterfly to leave his heart, and balloons floating into the air, tree planted in her honor, (first shinto shrines.....symbol for Jacob and Fatima, Arab moon Goddess, source of the SUn being a tree as well) and songs of praise to her like she was a religious figure.

This mother killing herself and her daughters, was not poor, she lived surrounded by beauty, had children to be very proud of, and to kill them and herself , a conclusion police came to , which seemed so unlikely, then drop the ball at that, refuse to show interest in looking at other possibilities

just seemed as bizarre as Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone, when so much evidence is stating otherwise, and to this day lawsuits for not releasing requested files there continue.

When I sold my Alexa Tablet, to a man named Dallas, I didn't notice his name significance with Alexa and her mom and sister. Hours later, on my phone, pops up "Lawsuit against the Biden administration over the JFK assassination in Dallas , and the administration continuing to refuse to release the requested files".

For a lawsuit over something in 1963, to show up on my phone, when I sell Alexa to a guy named Dallas, told me, very clearly, there is a connection. Strawberry moon was the following June 3 0603, when my worst influence drug wise, with my name, moved elsewhere, and someone said "Emma Charlotte Watson" died today (not true....but that John guy described a woman born anniversary of JFK's assassination as having "Strawberry hair".

Emma means "Universal/Catholic" Charlotte is a black widow who leaves messages with her web to save a pig. This city is called "Pig's eye" before "Saint Paul". JFK was trying to conquer Cuba with "Baby of pigs " in secret, but when America found out, they wouldn't let him provide air support. Watson means "Son of Temple City", Anghor Wat is on the Cambodian flag.
Holiday in Cambodia, my favorite dead Kennedy's song.

Saint PHilomena, living rosary association in texas, is the only place I used to write for their magazine. Patti Melvin would publish, edit, illlustrate, and send them to many people. I never spoke to her about JFK or Elizabeth Potter and the Philomena cord.

Maybe I should. The person said Philomena was responsible for all his miracles and reading hearts to know sins before people confessed them, was named "John" (Vianney, patron Saint of ordained Priests...his body never decomposed after death)

My fighting seabees (Deborahs) jacket was red for martyrdom, blood, had multiple badges and 1969 date on a badge. Elizabeth Potter Perry, who had Philomena's birthday, died 1969, year of the Manson family murders.....(whose death day anniversary i find Philomena's cord)

I wonder if I should tell this to her....because I saw a short video yesterday....can't remember, but I briefly downloaded it. It said "Dickinson 2019". Dickinson Texas is where that Saint Philomena confraternity is where those cords come from.....and philomena oil....the only cord I have seen that never came from ordering one there, was on the sidewalk the memorial day that was followed by a memorial day where it was the birthday of John Kennedy.

Her greatest promoter, as I said, was "John". The son of Elizabeth in Scripture was "John".

The author of revelation, that made John Kennedy have the most connections to the beast with fatal headwound, inspiring a book "Second reign of JFK", was the only Apostle that wasn't martyred, the only Apostle that brought Mary to his home. The one from the cross where Jesus said "Son, behold thy mother".

My Jewish Parkland Princess Meadow , has the name meaning of Jackie Lee Kennedy's middle name. A man with her Father's name "Andrew" said "John Kennedy wrote the book of revelation".

The next day, I met a guy who said "You know me....I'm John....I'm the last one who goes to heaven. I was exiled to the island of Pat. I'm looking for a new girlfriend. I left my other one in the trash."

I've talked with him on three other occasions. He's a drug addict homeless guy. Not John Kennedy, but his spirit can speak through all kinds of folks. ;)

Saint Elizabeth had a Son named John. I asked if I could be her son. That would make me "Matthew Perry" had she given birth to me.... matt perry was the guy that caused Japanese expansion , violence, brutality, when he fired cannons and threatened to invade, colonize them, never said he was bluffing , that America wasn't planning on an invasion of Japan....just a threat if they didn't trade and do what he knew was best for them.

He was their basis for attacking Pearl Harbor.

I live in Saint Paul , which is called "SIster of Nagasaki".

Hirohshima and Nagasaki getting nuked....might not have happened if it were not for Matthew Perry. Maybe I'm taking Elizabeths surname. Her middle name is potter. Perry, as I said, can be alternarnative for "Harry".

Maybe she is Hermione and we are to start Hogwarts...JFK had bay of pigs, saint john's worts, and wort hogs are weapons for war.


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It's My Birthday!
"With the majority of inhabitants in Cambodia now Buddhist, Angkor Wat maintained its significance over the country. The temple has developed into a significant national icon for Cambodia, whose flag features the silhouette of Angkor Wat. Considering it is one of Cambodia's most popular attractions, it is quite easy to get to it. The airport outside of the city, Siem Reap International Airport, is the most direct route to get to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat.

For a fee, tourists can explore the astonishing temple, though it is nearly impossible to see it all in just a day. The structure is far too vast and there are too many things to discover. However, the place is so complex and spectacular, it is worth the extra few days one can spend visiting it.
Whether you are looking for a chance to further discover Cambodia's magnificent history, or for a beautiful monument flowing with stories and culture to fill you with inspiration, Angkor Wat is the perfect destination.

Lost City of Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat began with a Hindu Deity....it became Buddhist over time, evolution, and different needs at different periods causing the Deities to adjust to what the thirst and hunger is at different times.

I like that theme very much and is found throughout scripture, where the opposite things or commands are true or false, commanded or forbidden, depending on the demand of the times, what is best at the time and place and people, is a disaster other times, with other people, at other places.

solutions that are fatal, are solutions that are equally healing depending on time and the situation.

For that reason, an infallible text or prophet, or master race, such as is promoted in the Bible.....it simply holds people back.

Also, ghosts might be drawn more to Angkor Wat as a place of rest and healing, because the city is lost, ghost city, the Temple also more of a gathering for ghosts, with that appearance, more so than people, which it used to be the opposite.

ghosts don't typically like to be around a lot of crowds of people who chatter, make lots of noise, sell lots of material things that are abominations to sacred Kami or those trying to heal.


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It's My Birthday!
Revelations 17

I will tell you the hidden meaning of this woman and the beast she rides—8 The beast you saw was once alive, but now it is not. However, it will come up out of the bottomless pit to rise from the dead.... and go away to be destroyed. The people who live on the earth will be amazed when they see the beast, because it was once alive, is no longer living, but will come again. will rise from the dead
These are the people whose names have never been written in the book of life since the beginning of the world.

18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”

(Anghor Wat.....means "Temple City".....the Catholic Church, is not "Curch city"....Temple is usually more sacred than a Church. A city of Temples reminds me of a necropolis "city of the dead".

dead Kennedy's singing about Paul Pot, Holiday in Cambodia. It's a joke, but does actually sound like more of an antichrist mockery of the Church, better interpretation than I have heard before...amusing and ridiculous....but still....better read than others.... where instead of the Church, bride of Christ, "Temple City" sounds like a better place for hogworts magicicians and schools of sorcery + women dominating kings of the earth. :p