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do conservative shrauta brahmins adhere to vedanta?

or are they... polytheist?
i mean the small minority that isn't smarta and still practices vedic yajnas in full?
i don't know any hehe so i thought i'd ask those who might know the answer?

another question - they probably are not all about temple worship, right? not puranic in any way? do they avoid temples? are they trained to do puja at a temple?

like, Saryupareen Brahmins a division of Kanyakubja Brahmins
sorry, copy paste!



Nondualistic Bhakta
I hope i can be of some help. I don't know about these Brahmins specifically. But if they are practicing the Vedic Yajnas in full they probably aren't within the circle of Uttara Mimamsa. They most likely participate in a different Darshana called Purva Mimamsa, which is all about rituals and not so much about theism or religion revolving around a certain form of divinity. It is my understanding that Purva Mimamsas practice the rituals because it is the act of performing the rituals themselves that frees grants them freedom from Samsara.

Hari Om!