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Discovering the Sacred in Everyday Life


Resident megalomaniac
Greetings fellow seekers!

I hope you are enjoying your time with us here on the forum today.

It is almost that time of day again so here is my latest discovery online ...

Gail Brenner is an author & blogger. Has a neat website as well - I suppose you NEED a website if you want to blog :)

Anyway, here is just one of dozens of articles in her archives {check the menus at top-of-page} -

When something is recognized as sacred, it is known to have a quality that is beyond the material, physical world. It’s not subject to the mind’s analysis, judgment, or interpretation.

It is illuminated by grace. It may look ordinary, but as we encounter it with nothing in the way, we stand in awe of its very existence.

Recognizing the sacred all around us—which includes ourselves, we take nothing for granted. Then everyone and everything is a gift, a surprise, an expression of the light of consciousness.

Oh, the puddles of rain outside my window! I get to breathe! I get to hold my friend who just lost her husband.

Most of us need reminders—a gentle tap on the shoulder that invites us out of the mind’s noise and into the living reality of this now moment.

Read the rest here -

Discovering the Sacred in Everyday Life - Dr. Gail Brenner

Much more at that site!