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Did Achilles ever fight Hercules ?


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Unlikely as it is, I thought Bheem is based on Hercules (son of God, super strength) and Duryodhan based on Achilles (a great warrior with a weakness i.e. his thigh or Achilles’ heel)

The Greek Gods influenced Hinduism so is there a link here ?
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Reply to the thread title only

Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek Heracles


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I don’t recall them interacting in any of the umm stories.
Though the Trojan War may have actually happened (???) and Achilles was a hero of that.

Heracles/Hercules is thought to have originated as a neolithic hunter gatherer hero story. Or at least is from that tradition anyway.


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Did Achilles ever fight Hercules ?
Yes. They are equal.
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