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Defeating sorcery pertaining to the Quran.


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To me, it's become an undoubtable fact, that when it comes to Quran, people are not able to contextualize it's verses due to the sorcery hardening the hearts pertaining to it and locks placed stop from the proper reflection or meaning.

The Quran talks about what Satan cast and all revelations as well messages from Messengers, have a casting from Satan pertaining to what the Prophet or Messenger actually wished for people to believe and so this is true of Quran as well.

The Tahreef (distortion) is emphasized in that that people harden hearts misplace God's words way out of place from their proper place. This means Quranic words are not seen holistically with respect to each other and essential verses of guidance are taken lightly, almost in a mockery way, and not seen with respect to it's mini context as well as over all context of Quran.

God wants us to know about Satan, Gog and Magog, and sorcery, so we defeat it. It's not meant to be just a belief but we are suppose to see this reality in this world and know the true fight between good and evil.

The first step is to acknowledge this, if one believes in Quran, it becomes essential to "seek refuge in God", but how can one do that? The Quran talks about light and tree of light, taking light from that tree is essential, and learning to weaponize one's light towards the darkness is essential.

The prayers of Ahlulbayt (a) against the dark sorcery teach:

(1) Barriers
(2) Invisibility
(3) Attack (retribution) with sword of God and arrows of God

What is all this? It's a reality, when you believe in it, and give it a chance, you begin to see it. You sense the falsehood and it's energy from Iblis and his forces. And you become aware of the blessed water and light from God and his forces.

The Quran ends with the two refuge Chapters, because it's essential, to realize this reality. And it's to say, perhaps, there is distortion and intrusion, especially, if we have not constantly taken refuge in God through his name.

The Quran when contextualized to me proves Ali (a) and his Successors (a) beyond doubt. Their high reality, and exalted status, and guiding position, becomes apparent but also raised the purity and exaltedness of Quran itself when perceived.

But aside from that, much of it has been distorted. For example, Malakat Aymanihim is a huge distortion when interpreted as slaves. It's a huge distortion and messes up the revelation and it's light.

Aside from taking refuge in God, tatabur is essential, which is to reflect very hard upon verses. Write down possible meanings you have not thought of, write down words, and say what is supported by the context. Try to contextualize what is meant.

Aside from that, it's essential to rely on the family of the reminder for insights to Quran. Coming to them as thirsty as one comes to Quran is essential to guidance and breaking the sorcery.

Much of the words we have inherited from Ahlulbayt (a) and kept of their sayings of light, are such that, they like Quran are such that it does not befit the rebels (Satanic) forces to be able to fabricate...

They are of high nature, of course, the Quranic eloquence is higher then all, but Ahlulbayt (a) words although not on par with Quran are still much higher then words of regular humans.

Another discipline to defeat the sorcery, is to not do as Quran talks about the Muslims without faith, "Do you wish to teach God regarding your religion...". The Prophet (s) emphasized as well "do not teach them (concerning Ahlulbayt) for they know more than you", that is don't come to Quran and hadiths trying to impose one's view, but be humble, slit the argumentative tongue and let go of your personal desires, and try to seek insights and learn.

The other thing is living reality of our deeds must be acknowledged, the more one sins, the more the evil companion who thinks he is your guardian Angel begins to take over your soul. Indeed the devils think of Michael and Gabriel as evil, and look down upon the chosen humans as dark deceiving sorcerers. In this battle, you must know, if you disobey God, your faith will decrease, till the light of faith disappears. If you don't fight it off and repent and follow up with good deeds, major sins, will make the evil Qareen become your eyes by which you see and he will take over your soul.

The leader of our time is pulling us to God on the other hand, and good deeds and avoidance of evil, will eventually break the sorcery trying to blind us to the two companions to our soul, and will make you see reality clearly.

It's the leader of our time who believes in manifesting the truth while it's Satanic forces who believe in hiding it, and that not everyone is ready for it in their view.

The curses upon Quran from the evil ones, is all justified, in that people are not ready and that to defeat the Quranic arguments, humanity must mature.

But what will they accuse the Mahdi (a) of when he performs miracles, they will accuse him of sorcery, and to this, you are to see that everything of the light is kept sustained and created through the leader of the time who is the gateway to the heaven of this world which his family is found therein including Mohammad (s).

A very important thing, is the more you recite Quran, while applying it's teachings, it becomes a book of healing magic. It's words are mysteriously chosen to heal through the curses the dark forces try to lock and eventually with fear of God, it's doors open up.

You should also believe Iblis and his tribe watch us from when we perceive not. It's important to acknowledge the enemies are planning to lead you astray and to asses your actions.

A heart that is not watchful against intrusion by Iblis in Salah for example, eventually, Salah will become habitually done in a heedless way and in a way intoxicated with love of Dunya.

Therefore it's important to believe in the hidden world and true kingdom that is inward, and begin to heal one's heart.

The Quran is revealed so that it's properly understood. It's not meant to just be enjoyed for it's rhythm and make one feel pious by listening or reciting it.