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Deconstruction of the False Self

Dr. Nosophoros

Active Member
I posted this on two other boards under different names at one time or another 3-4 years ago, so if you have seen this on a board somewhere else, that was still me and these are my words and experiences.

I feel that ritual, whether group or solitary, is important because the psychological impact of physically doing something while stating intent and focusing wholly on a goal makes the act more powerful in itself. This is a pretty simple, basic ritual I have devised for solitary use and it works for me so I use it. Like anything, I would say that when a ritual or whatever it is you do becomes "routine" or doesn't work for you, change it so it does, or discard it completely. Empty rituals are simply a lie to the self and serve no purpose, simply stated- a big waste of time.

All of us have to deal with the modern world everyday, our lives are affected by politics, work, other peoples actions, reactions, and your normal modern living conveniences, stresses, worries etc. All these things I believe somehow distort and distance ourselves from our true natural selves and distance us from nature itself which is a great source of inspiration for me and I think most people whether they realize it or not. To me, that means that at some point I must periodically "de-construct" myself because I believe that these unnatural intrusions into our psyche by the modern world if left unchecked, can build upon themselves and retard or alter progressive development of the natural self, which I feel is the skeleton to be fleshed out, not the other way around. The trick is knowing when to use it.

My self made formula (ritual) for self-deconstruction utilizes some of the same concepts as biblical faiths act of baptizing, neo-pagan- "born into the way" rituals and concepts of primitive re-birth rites, which are all about the same when you really look at it. They all essentially served the purpose of making a person have a ritual "death" experience and a "rebirth" into the new life or way. Only instead of doing it just once, I find it necessary for myself to do it when I feel the ways of the modern material world seem to obscure and distance myself from my natural self (and nature). By utilizing this ritual, I "cleanse" myself of these unnatural intrusions by causing the "death" of unhealthy stresses, worries, and the tainted outlooks brought about directly and indirectly by them. The "rebirth" aspect comes in to make yourself reborn into what you naturally are without the blinders and colored sunglasses that have been forced upon us by modern civilization. The world and it's problems are still there , but you will have a more fresh and more "pure" outlook on it. It is also useful to clear things up before taking on a more complex ritual, group or otherwise with other intents but this ritual in itself can be pretty taxing, so plan accordingly.

I do this on nights just after the new moon when there is just a sliver of the waxing moon showing, Why? Because I feel that there are different energies at this time which are more helpful and suited to this purpose than at other times. Whether psychological self deceit or scientific fact, it works so I do it, others may find it more effective at other times. First, you locate a good private area with woods far enough away from "civilization" so you won't have any modern distractions or unwanted attention (I now own private land so this is no longer an issue) . I go out into the woods and find a good spot, I have built small brush huts on occasion specifically for this purpose- represents the womb in which you are reborn in the fashion of primitive cultures but it isn't neccessary, whatever works for you.

I will forgo some of the my other preparations because I believe that anyone that practices any form of the "occult" will know what they need to do for themselves so I will stick to the basics. I walk to my ritual area and look up at the moon and declare my intent, I slowly imagine and visualize the world slowly dissolving and disappearing and all the things I know and myself dissolve (sort of like the state of zen "no mind") I feel myself getting older and weaker until I lay on the ground and slowly "die". I slowly lower down my breath and heartrate until I can barely feel it, which really isn't that hard, it just takes a little practice. When I reach the point of "death" I then feel as though I am in limbo, between worlds- then at some point, I am concious of my physical body and slowly move my toes, fingers, legs, arms etc. until my whole body has moved a little and I am aware of my physical being wholly. I then slowly open my eyes to my new reality and slowly crawl as a newborn then finally rise to my feet in stages replicating human development. I then look up at the moon and feel the growing energies within myself- I am in effect "reborn" (this seems a quick, simple explanation but there are a lot of things that go on internally during this that I cannot describe fully or even accurately, it has to be experienced to understand)

This is a modern world- we must live in it and we must master it, but I believe that it is important that in the process of succeeding and existing within modern reality that we realize that we should never forget that all the conveniences and things we surround our selves with whether puposely or just a fact of life are really nothing when you look at it. Our true essence of being is what should take priority over our physical realities, and maintaining that contact through periodic "cleansing" will help us better achieve what we wish to achieve in our physical realities (and I type all this on a computer!)

I read few "occult" type books because from what I have seen it seems they work on about the same basic concepts overall with the core concepts "fleshed out" with the writers perspective- and many times, a writer with an eye to make a buck off of social trends or just complete garbage. If you have read anything similar or have tried anything similar to this please let me know because I am completely ignorant of it and would like to read it- it would be interesting.


New Member
I found your post to be excellent and informative.

When the Satanist enters the ritual chamber, he or she enters a mental state commonly referred to as an "intellectual decompression chamber", where the supernatural is embraced as truth. For example, a Satanist who is to particpate in an athletic event may invoke the name of Hermes, the olympian god of cleverness and athletic prowess, asking him to bestow him with fortune and concentration when he performs. Outside of the ritual chamber, Hermes is nothing more than an externalization of the Satanist's desires and emotions. In the same sense, the name of 'Satan' and his other aliases

It should be noted, however, that not all Satanists ritualize in this fashion. Some Satanic authors, for example, view their works as a sufficient externalization of their emotions, and see no need to ritualize in the traditional sense; the same holds true with some Satanic artists, musicians, and the like. Also, there are many different other ways of ritualization than invoking the name of a god. One example that I personally use is using "sigils", or creating symbols that represent my desires and "magically charging" them in the ritual chamber. A sigil of anger towards another person who has wronged me I will burn, the sigil of compassion I will usually cast into a nearby river. Whatever strikes my fancy and seems symbolically appropriate.

Not only is ritual a powerful and useful tool that I profit from; it is also quite fun! I love creating my own little ceremonies, utilizing my creativity. If you don't wish to use the rituals that LaVey wrote in The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals, then you aren't obligated to; LaVey often spoke of finding what works for you.