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Death in Islam


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(In Brief)

Death in Islam is one time
. In Islam, everyone will taste death. The way of death is different for a believer than it is for a non-believer.

When a believer dies, Angels come, give him/her glad tidings of forgiveness and Allah's good pleasure before taking the soul. They perfume it, take the soul up, in a good and blessed state and Allah tells them to write for that person in the 'llyoon (high heaven) and take him back to earth. Then the questioning of the grave begins.

When a disbeliever dies, the angels come and give him/her tidings of hell and the wrath. They take the soul up cursed, humiliated and afraid. The gates of heaven do not open and he/she will be written and recorded in the Sijjeen(low hell) and are thrown back to earth. Then the soul is returned to the body and then the questioning of the grave begins.

When the soul is back in the each soul will be asked questions. Two angels will question the deceased in his grave about matters of Tawheed (monotheism) and ‘aqeedah (belief). 1. Who is your Lord? 2. What is your religion? 3. Who is this man who was sent among you and what did you do?

For a believer, if he answers correctly, he will be granted good tidings and happiness.
For a disbeliever, he will not be able to answer correctly and says "I don't know". He will be given very bad tidings and will feel the place he will be given.

In Islam, everyone will be accompanied by their own deeds in their graves. If you have done good, your grave will be a good place until the day of judgement. If you have done bad, your grave will be of torment until the day of judgement.

Everyone in their grave will be able to see where they will be going in the hereafter.

In Islam, one should not ask for death. It is considered makrooh (disliked, offensive act) and one should be thankful for their time to be able to repent to Allah for their sins.

Suicide is forbidden in Islam. It is a major sin. What you do is what you will be doing with something like that in Hellfire repeatedly.

After that, the next time one will be raised up, will be on the Day of Judgement.