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Daughter 'shocked' after fugitive father confesses to 1969 bank robbery on his deathbed


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This was a weird story. This guy robbed a bank in 1969, stole $215,000 ($1.7 million today), then got away, assumed a different name, and lived out his life as a fugitive. His daughter only found out after he confessed to her two months before he died.

I recall the case of a member of the SLA being a fugitive for decades before she was finally captured due to a tip from America's Most Wanted (Sara Jane Olson - Wikipedia).

I wonder how people manage to elude the authorities for so long. It's different from an unsolved case, since the authorities knew their names and likeness.

Is it really that easy to just "disappear" in this day and age? I've heard some people talk about wanting to live "off the grid," but even that would be difficult.

Saint Frankenstein

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Yeah, I can see it happening. I mean, the stupid government doesn't even know when its own citizens have died, even with a death certificate issued.

Estro Felino

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Honestly I think that vault teller is a very good job.
Prestigious and high-responsibility job.

To want to risk such a position and to risk it all for that kind of money...I think it reveals that money-hunger is a disease.
It's a psychiatric disease.
It seduces men and it poisons their minds.

It turns respectable people with good jobs into criminals.

It's utterly squalid.
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