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Current Disorder in Muslim Countries and Only Solution. Part 1.


Peace be upon you.
Peace be on you. The Holy Quran mentions one of the properties of those who are gifted with understanding: ‘And those who join what Allah has commanded to be joined, and fear their Lord, and fear the evil reckoning. ’ (Surah Al-Ra’d ch 13 : v 22)

Connection with Allah is the root of all connections
True believers make connection with Allah, and also make connections which Allah has commanded for, and then maintain these links. They attain perfection in love with Allah with His obedience and according to His commandment turn toward His creation and make relation of unity and fraternity.

The verse uses the words ‘yakhshona rabbahum’, they fear their Lord. The word ‘khashiat’ signifies the fear of losing something, about whose excellence, one has gained understanding.

Believers are always cautious (and has to be) that they may not lose beloved God, they fear of bad out come on Day of Judgment and they are particular in paying rights of people.

A Lapse
Many are there, who read Holy Quran, show fear of God, do not like to incur the displeasure of God but they do not fullfil the rights of creation and do not try to join connections in real sense. Regular self-checks are necessary.

Overview of Situation in Muslim Countries
One aspect related to joing connections is the requirement to be fulfilled by Muslims: ‘…tender among themselves…’ (ch 48 : v 30). With respect to it, the situation in many Islamic countries is not good. Media reported mayhem:

= Pakistan…Many people are being killed every day; the total may have reached in thousands in past few years. Suicide bombing continues. Innocents are being killed on the name of God. Then there are clergies who think they can declare others as disbelievers and Kafir and thus carry out whatever they wish again them by misusing ‘…firm against non-believers…’ (48:30) which comes before ‘…tender among themselves…’ (48:30)…... Decree of Allah and Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) is against such false issuers of Decrees-of-disbelief against believers.

= Muslim places where there is war going on, external forces and internal mutual fighters are present. Muslims are killing innocent muslims in thousands.

= Afghanistan…More than 50 thousand people have died in last 10 years; majority is civilian.

= Syria….Sofar 70, 000 people have lost their lives. Again, majority are civilians.

= Egypt…After the revolution, thousands of innocents have been killed.

= Libya…Killing of human life still continues.

= Iraq….. From 2003 till now, more than 600, 000 innocnet people have been killed. Suicide bombing continues.

According to Recent News
A European country is sending arms to Syrian opposition fighters (who have extremists among them) via a Muslim country. If they won, public will be further oppressed and extremists will destry world peace in the guise of their interpretation of ‘firm against non-beleivers’.

Avoid Possible World War…. What could have Organization of Muslim done
They could have sit together for peace talk without outside intervention. If Alawis were persecuting others in Syria earlier, now the situation has been reversed. Muslims are in two groups. Heated situation can turn into Great War. Muslim countries must understand their responsibilities and practice: ‘Surely (all) believers are brothers. So make peace between brothers, and fear Allah that mercy may be shon to show.’ (49:11)
Muslims should have adopted fear of God, Taqwa so that the blessings of ‘….tender among themselves….’ should have helped them to attract mercy of Allah which is mentioned next as: ‘………Allah has promised, unto those of them who believe and do good works, forgiveness and a great reward.’ (48:30)

Foreign Camps
Some powerful countries have brought their forces in disturbed areas for regional peace. But opposite have happened i.e. war-like situation. Had Muslims praticed ‘..tender among themselves…’ and if war had broken then practiced ‘…make peace between brothers..’, there would have been no intervention from outside.

In apparent peaceful Muslim countries Muslims are being killed
If government passes sentence on any leader, his sympathizers rise in evolt and start murders. It has just happened in Bangladesh. Brutality is at height in Muslim countries in the name of Islam. Islam calls for peace. In Christain countries, Muslims are associated with unrest.

Promised Divine Solution of Deteriorations
The solution of such deteorations was foretold as the advent of Promised Messiah and Mahdi, the ardent devotee of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). It took place. But, these people say they are not in any such need and teaching is enough. If that is so then:
= Why the clergies / ulema formed various factions which only serve their motives?
= Why they are unable to guide the adherents to the peaceful path of Islam?
= Why they are tearing each other apart?
= Why they do not understand and let adherents understand: ‘….and fear their Lord, and fear the evil reckoning….’ ?
= Common people are being mislead by self-made commentaries and Decrees / Fatwa against each other.
=They have forgotten and put behind their backs, the everlasting message of love and peace of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) which he (s.a.w.) asked to be spreaded. This amounts to show disrespect to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) Reminded Peace in Farewell Sermon
‘Your belongings, your honour, and your lives are sanctified and made inviolate like the sanctity of this day, this month and this city. You will soon appear before your Lord and He will call you to account for all your doings. Take heed that you do not go astray, after I am gone, and start slaying one another. What I have said to you, you should communicate to the ends of the earth. Maybe those who have not heard me may benefit by it more than those who have heard.’

After concluding the sermon, Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) asked thrice if he had suitably conveyed Allah’s message. Hadhrat Abu Bakr (r.a.)replied that the Prophet had indeed done so.

Acting contrary to what Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said
After this clear reminder what permission clergies do have to cut throats of each other, on the name of Islam? By doing so, are not they insulting the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said: Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are safe……Is this being practiced today?

The Ahmadis believe in Kalima [la ilaha illallaho muhammadur rasoollullah - there is none worthy of woship but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger]. All others got together to declare they are not Muslims. It does not bother them; they are servants of Khatamul Mursalin with full heart]. Now shia community is being targeted of the law that was propmulagted against Ahmadis. Dozens of them were murdered in Quetta twice. Once again this cruelty may get started by each sects against other, as it had been in past.

The Broad Meaning of Hadith: Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are safe
It is not only applicable to Muslims only -- [according to the Hadhrat Musleh Moud who was the promised-reformer-son and second-Khailfah of promised Messiah] – it means, that every peaceful person should be safe from a Muslim’s hand and tongue.

CONTINUES BELOW IN PART 2 in the form of reply ......
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Peace be upon you.
PART 2 of Current Disorder in Muslim Countries and Only Solution.

Contray to the name calling by opponents – in fact, the community of promised Messiah is healer, presenting the true peaceful real teaching of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) to the world.

One should self-reflect and gauge their condition, reminds the Holy Khalifah to Community. Forgive others as one likes to be forgiven by Allah: ‘…Let them forgive and forebear (the offence). Do you not desire that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.’ (24:23)……….The promised Messiah said in this regard: Forgive the sins of people and pardon their excesses and wrongs. Do you not wish that God too forgive you and pardon your sins? And he is Most Forgiving, Merciful.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said
=Anyone who wants to have his provision expanded, his term of life proplonged and for people to speak well of him should maintain ties of kinship. (Hadhart Anas bin Maalik r.a. /Muslim)

= He is not of us who does not have mercy on our young ones and does not recognize honour of our elderly. (narrated by Hadhrat Amr bin Shoaib r.a. through his father and grandfather / Tirmizi)

= All creature are Allah’s family; and loves most among His creation those who treat His family well. (narrated by Hadhrat Abdullah bin Masood r.a. / Mishkaat)

= The Gracious Allah will have mercy on those who are merciful. Have mercy on those who are on earth, the one Who is in heavens will have mercy on you. (Hadhrat Abdullah bin Amr r.a. / Abu Daud)

= Allah will keep him in His proptection and mercy and will grant him entry to Pradise who has these three qualities: he is compassionate to the weak, he loves his parents and benevolent to possessed ones. (Hadhrat Jabir r.a. / Tirmizi)

= Allah is gentle, He loves gentleness; And He rewards for gentleness so much what He does not give for harshness; And He does not reward for anyother virtue that much [i.e. He rewards for gentlenss more than other virtues]. (Hadhrat Aishah r.a. / Muslim)

= Whenever gentleness is added to something, it adorns it and whenever it is withdrawn from something, it leaves it flawed. (Hadhrat Aishah r.a. / Muslim)

= Shall I not tell you from whom Fire is kept away? It is kept away from everyone who is near [to people, do not hate them; approachable], makes ease, who is kind, and is of an easy disposition. (Hadhrat Ibne Masood r.a. / Tirmizi)

= Wealth does not diminish by giving alms. Allah exalts one who forgives others. [There is no humiliation in forgiving other’s fault]. (Hadhrat Abu Huraira r.a. / Masnad e Ahmad)

= Do not have rancour one another nor envy one another nor shun one another. Rather, lives as servants of Allah and brothers. It is not lawful for a Muslim to refuse to speak his brother for more than three days and to cut off ties with him. (Hadhrat Anas r.a. / Bukhari)

= Do not envy one another; do not inflate prices to incur loss to another, do not bear rancour with one another, do not turn away from one another, do not undercut one another. Rather, be Allah’s servants and brothers to each other. A Muslim does not oppress his brother nor does he hold contempt for him nor does he humiliate or disgrace him. Pointing to his breast, the Prophet said three times; Taqwa is here. It is evil enough for someone to look down with contempt at his Muslim brother. The life, property and honour of each Muslim are inviolable for every Muslim. (narrated by Hadhrat Abu Huraira r.a. / Muslim)

= Allah will say on the Day of Judgment: Where are those who loved one another for the sake of My Jalal (glory and greatness)! Today when there is no shade but My shade, I shall give them shelter in My (benevolent) shade. (Hadhrat Abu Huraira r.a. / Muslim)

May mutual love and peace increase; divine solution is understood and accepted; oppressions and playing in the hands of vested interest holders is stopped; better sense is developed; extremisms end; beautiful teaching of Islam spread with better and proficient way.

Reference: Benefited from Friday sermon of March 1, 2013 by Holy Khalifah of Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.) , alislamDOTorg
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