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Creating a non Virtual Reality

Dr. Nosophoros

Active Member
As you know, the "virtual reality" craze has been and gone, as does every fad of unrealism, what remains is still the real realities that we ourselves contrive. Yes!, we make our own realities, what comprises reality in this world?- anything we ourselves believe IS reality, so therefore the creation of our own is no different than the complusion to do the same by others that may have ulterior motives to do the same-except we are concious of those realities. I don't give a **** if you agree with me, all I say is that people should think for themselves without the filth smattering their glasses. Anyway, Here is my piece.

We humans are swayed by our environment, unless we are truly aware of it, what is popularly said that "benefits " ourselves oft times enslaves us. What is more evil, killing of the body or of the mind? Yes we, as individuals are capable of creating our own realities beyond the realities that have been created for us, that is why we are what we are, reality is what we create.

When this especially comes into play is during ritual where specific energies can be brought about through the creation of a "total environment", this can include music, imagery, scents, sounds etc. that contribute to bringing forth wanted emotions etc. that can be used for the intent of the ritual itself. Though it can be done individually it is especially useful in groups, support of others sharing the same intent can can help the individual focus more therefore bringing about more useable energy.
Catholic ritual is a perfect example of a "total environment" the priest walks in and uses his censer to diffuse the incense, he gets behind the ritual table, dons his vestments, music plays etc. surely the intent to create this is their- the only problem is is that their churches are usually large and the only time a person actually participates in the ritual itself is when they stand up, say what they say, or get sacrament. Ritual is much more powerful psychologically when all participate, or have "hands on" this is more easily attainable in smaller groups. The environment is "fake" as in the sense that it was specifically made, but the emotions, energies, etc. evoked are very real.

People do this all the time without thinking too much of the possibilities, people put certain works of art in their home, use candles, different color paints on their walls etc. to create an environment that generally fosters a comfortable or warm feeling to make it "homey", that is the feeling that most wish to invoke from themselves. The same "realities" to an extent are created when, for example, you go to a movie at the theatre (if it is done well, sometimes it fails miserably) except that the individual is at the mercy of the directors talents. The place goes dark to help you focus on what is being presented, the music, theme, images etc. all are contrived to hopefully bring about certain feelings or emotions from the viewer while telling a story. The difference is in the case of a movie, you know that no matter what happens on the screen, you can always walk out of the theatre and go about your daily life. In the case of "total environments" during ritual etc., it is much more personal and enveloping therefore more "real" to the participants.