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COVID killed twice as many republicans as it did democrats.


Veteran Member
There has been no evidence that supports your views. "New" or otherwise. You refuse to even learn what evidence is. An observation that you do not understand, but everyone else does, is not evidence for your beliefs.
Lol....millions developing serious conditions right after taking a vaccine is evidence.

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
Lol....millions developing serious conditions right after taking a vaccine is evidence.
Millions? I doubt it. Not serious conditions. Thousands, yes. Even tens of thousands, but when hundreds of millions if not billions have been immunized those are the normal numbers that one would expect in such a population in such a time period.

Here is what you do not understand. Raw numbers do not help you. You need to take into account: How many people got immunized. What time period the reporting covers. And third, how often do those results appear in a population over a given period of time.

If you said "one percent had severe acne" and then you found that one percent of the population normally has severe acne that would indicate that the rate of acne was normal. If out of 1 billion people there were 100,000 fatal heart attacks over a period of six months then a similar rate among the vaccinated would just be a "So what?" argument.


Veteran Member
I think it's very hard for them to admit they were wrong in light of the New evidence. Besides the scientists are not the ones running the show, and making the rules.
You've already demonstrated that you don't know what evidence is. Your lack of response to the entire point and content of my last post says it all. This isn't a response to that. At all.
Thanks for playing.