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Christians Only: Social Club Churches


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Too often churches are accused of being only "Social clubs". They are accused of not being serious because they are too social! I have heard this from several podiums speaking vaguely against other churches, and its inexcusable! I suspect that preachers who say this would be better off having never been born.

Also, if a person loves their fellow humans then you can bet Jesus is in their heart, prayer of faith or no prayer of faith. Commitment is a pursuit, but if a person has love then commitment follows like the cart after the horse. You don't have to load yourself up with promises for that to happen.

We need more pot lucks, more outings, more roller skating, more picnics, more fun. Open it up and let people do presentations and teach skills.

Also I hear people accuse churches of being too formal. That is shooting bullets at an ally. What's wrong with formality, what's wrong with dressing up nice? People dress nicely to show respect for others and through them to God. Its an act of worship.