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Chizuk Emunah


OK, OK, now I get it. I suppose I am naive.
I was under the impression that in an Orthodox forum I would be dealing with Ortho answers to my queries and Ortho only discussions.
I may be slow but I do arrive eventually.
I had no idea that I would be dealing with Messianics and others outside Orthodoxy.
With that said I will attempt to be a bit more objective and write a little slower for those here who haven't a clue about Orthodoxy yet do not hesitate to speak out.
I was initially confused by some of the avatars here and wondered why Orthodox men and women would use some of these. Now I know.
Has no one here ever read Chizuk Emunah (Faith Strengthened) by Issac Trokki?
Online or Amazon

Have none of the messianics ever bothered to check out Rabbi Tovia Singer and other anti-missionaries?
Online at Outreach Judaism.


Well-Known Member
Most have heard of Rabbi Singer. Most know what he says. That is not the issue here.
There are not too many Orthodox Jews on this forum. A few atheist Jews. A few conservative. A number of converts and a number of us that don't fit into any one particular group but are still as Jewish as the next guy.
We read and ask questions and answer to the best of our understanding and we welcome any that can provide a different response. We are a small internet Jewish community(if I may call it that?) and differ on many subjects, but make no mistake respect is always there(with the exception of a few).


Thanks for the answer. I am not completely Orthodox but felt that here was where I would best fit in. I mistakenly thought that all here were Orthodox at first.
But I have found that I am learning much from other points of view.
And yes I agree that we are all Jews, just the same.
One of our biggest problems as Jews is the lack of unity.