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CHANGING HINDOU SAINTs BOOKS?Is it possible to add verse to puruna?

Discussion in 'Hinduism - Philosophy and Theology DIR' started by AL2020, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. AL2020

    AL2020 Universale communication

    Jun 2, 2020

    Is it true that Padma Purana states that Advaita was only said by Adi Shankara to drive Buddhism out of India?

    Shashank Chandrashekar


    May 6, 2019

    A student of Advaita Vedanta

    It's a very big misunderstanding that Padma purana says that Shiva took the form of adi Shankara to convince Buddhists to accept the Vedas, and Advaita is only to bring back Buddhists to Vedas. It's said that this was said by Shiva to Parvati, in the uttara khanda of Padma purana. This is an atrocious lie. There is nothing given in the Padma purana as such. I'll give you proof too.

    And people who claim the above misunderstanding that Shankaracharya mislead others, to be right, should answer my questions.

    Why did Madhvacharya and Ramanujacharya quote these verses, while they proposed their philosophies

    Why did the scholars, or people who were well versed in puranas, didn't stop Shankara from preaching Advaita.

    Why were these points only used by Gaudiya Vaishnavas/Bengal Vaishnavas and by no other Vaishnavas or any Vedic scholars, of South India.!!!!!༻༻

    Why were there no debates on these verses, during the early time, where there were more qualified and experienced scholars.


    We can say that Padma Purana, is an entire work of other people, rather than Vyasa. It contradicts many facts in the Vedas. It cannot be considered as an ultimate text.

    There are many facts which are against the Vedas. A classic example is the classification of Puranas, according to the gunas. If Shaiva puranas were tamasic, and leads to hell then why would Vyasa even create them ?.!!!!!༻༻

    Coming from a background of Vedic family, my family has all type of vedantists. My mother belongs to a dwaita family from Udupi, Karnataka, which has given many scholars. My father is from a well known family of Smarta Brahmins, who follow Advaita Vedanta. Many memebers of my family have been married to Iyengar Brahmins, who follow Vishistadvaita. The three jagadgurus i.e.,

    Shankaracharya, (700jc)

    Ramanujacharya (vers 1000). Milieu.

    madhvacharya (1200jc) are the greatest of all gurus. École dualité tradition bakhti .dévot krishna

    Their philosophy, Advaita, Vishistadvaita, and Dwaita are highly authenticated texts. Many more people came later, but they were not as great as the three Acharyas. Rest of the gurus just depend on the works of these three gurus. And many of their work has more flaws than actual knowledge.

    When I personally read the Padma purana, I never came across such things at all. I read about this article which said that Shiva tells Parvati, that he'll be born into a Brahmin family, and will bring back Buddhists to follow Vedas, and Advaita is not for people who follow Vedas, long ago.

    I aksed the same question to my uncle (a Dwaita scholar, who has given many upanyasam in many temples) whether there is a verse in Padma purana as such. His answer shocked me. He said “There is no such verse in Padma purana which openly claims Advaita to be a false Philosophy. If there had been a verse like that, long before madhvacharya, jagadguru Ramanujacharya should have quoted these verses, in his works to prove that Advaita is false. If there exists a verse like that, then we would not be seeing many people and Scholars, who practice and preach Advaita at present.!!!!!༻༻

    Yes, it sounds right. If there was a verse like that why didn't Ramanujacharya and madhvacharya quote them when they opposed Advaita Vedanta. The answer is simple. There was no such verse in Padma Purana to quote. Hence we can come to a conclusion that these verses were written by people, after the period of Shankar-Ramanuja-Madhva.

    Let us consider that Shiva had a job to bring back Buddhists, to believe in Vedas. Then why would he give a false theory ? If he wants people to follow the path of knowledge, he won't impart false knowledge to his students/ devotees right ? So, it implies that God tells lie and gives false information to attract more followers. It directly tells that Shiva tells lies to his followers.

    It sounds like some pseudo religious organisation, which claims to have people who worship Krsna, who in fact attract wealthy people, both Indians and foreigners, by preaching wrong knowledge, from biased books, and make money.

    And the second proof is, these verses were only found in Bengali translations. There is no such verses in Kannada, Tamil, translations.!!!!!༻༻

    And many scholars also said that Padma purana from the eastern India, had many verses which highly differed from those found in the West and South India. Hence we can say that Padma Purana which we read in the present is highly corrupted by people to gain name, fame, and wealth and spread their false Philosophy.

    The truth is : Many false Vaishnavas, of Bengal region, who claim to be worshippers of Krishna, created such verses, just to prove Advaita wrong and to prove their bogus theory correct. They even added that Krishna would take birth as a saint to preach the right knowledge to people and they said that this saint is none ther than Chaitanya himself. No doubt that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was an incarnation of Krishna, buy this fact isn't given in the puranas. Chaitanya mahaprabhu was a true devotee of lord Krishna, hence his followers saw Krishna in him, and regarded him as an incarnation of Sri Krishna, which I too believe. Similarly, Shankaracharya is an incarnation of Shiva is given in the biography of Shankara, and not in any veda or purana. When Shankara preached the Advaita Vedanta, it was like Shiva himself preaching the knowledge to his devotees. Hence we consider Shankaracharya as an incarnation of lord Shiva, because his disciples saw Shiva in jagadguru Shakaracharya.

    But the intention of these pseudo Vaishnavas was to gain name, fame and wealth. If you see, there were no debates on such verses in the past, because they didn't even exist. These verses were created recently, a 200–300 years ago.

    Most of the Bengali vishnavas are the gaudiya Vaishnavas, who follow Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. These verses were created by later students of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu just to gain more followers.

    So that people would be less attracted towards advaita, and will accept their supremacy. And at present ISKCON, too propogates many false teachings including this just to gain followers, and money, and to pull them from the path of right knowledge. This is a classic example of how people can be misled from right knowledge.

    There is also a misunderstanding that Skanda Purana, vayu purana, Shiva purana, tells that Shiva came to mislead people in Kaliyuga, in the form of a Saint. They even mention that he would come from kaladi. If that was true, why did people, or any other saint stop him from misguiding others, why did Ramanujacharya and madhvacharya who were against Advaita, didn't quote these verses. Apart from that they say that bhagavatam also claims the same. The bhagavata purana of gaudiya Vaishnavas is highly corrupted and the whole world knows this fact.

    It's not only about Advaita Vedanta, these people also disrespect shaivas, and shakta by giving false statements.

    From the above proof, it clearly states that advaita was not to mislead people, but it was the fantic Vaishnavas of Bengal, who were eager to mislead people to gain name and fame.

    Conclusion :

    These verses were added to Padma purana by the false Vaishnava scholars of Bengal region, to prove themselves right. If such verses existed, then Ramanujacharya or Madhvacharya should have quoted them which they didn't do, which clearly shows that these were added after the period of Shankar-Ramanuja-Madhva.