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Can you reply to my post?About near death experiences?

Discussion in 'Paranormal Activities' started by Frank Goad, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Frank Goad

    Frank Goad Active Member

    Dec 13, 2018
    occultism that has to do with christianity
    People think near death experiences take people to jesus sometimes.They say that 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 backs them up.But how do you know it's not all demons?How many people on here had a near death experience and thought it was jesus they were talking to?And why at the time didn't you think it was satan ?Sorry if I have posted this before.:(
  2. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Clouds, belong to volcanoes. History.

    Clouds are not Jesus.

    Males as the first human scientists sacrificed and harmed their life by doing nuclear stone conversions...the body of God he said...stone philosophy. And said the Father of science placed his image as male human feedback in clouds....seeing he began to burn the atmospheric gases. How that image got put there.

    Science did it again.
    Science did it again....and the male aware self said to everyone, you are sacrificing life, I will have an NDE experience as Jesus, nearly die from the irradiation destroying my cellular life holding and blood, and living life. And his image was put into the clouds.

    He lived because ICE melted and put a new mass of water into the atmosphere to stop the gases burning.

    NDE......cellular life holding and blood changes as you near death. See images of Jesus in the feed back, which is just clouds. Clouds are not any demon.

    The human being owns the experience, science doesn't. Without the human having an NDE what do you scientist have to claim studying NDE? That you were going to find Jesus?

    Reason for stating this fact, science was studying bio life and causing NDEs. I was one of the humans who lived the experience of and NDE. But I only heard and saw our Holy Father.

    First I saw him move as a deceased body image, arms crossed from the American life float across the floor. Saw it with my physical eyesight. Then in my head I heard his voice speak to me.....and the love and care he communicates is real. And no, it was not any trick....and no Father is not the Father of demons or devils either.

    The bible said that the Father of science a human being adult male conjured the devil in science. Science is not natural human life.
  3. sun rise

    sun rise "Let there be peace and love among all"
    Premium Member

    Apr 28, 2014
    Not everyone who has a NDE has the same experience. Most are positive. Some are colored by their beliefs.
  4. Hermit Philosopher

    Hermit Philosopher Selflessly here for you

    Feb 13, 2010
    Dear Frank,

    As with most things; if your experience leads you contribute negatively in your surroundings, that’s not a good sign. If it results in you interacting in ways that broaden perspective, encourage selflessness and increase harmony, you can’t be on an entirely wrong path.

    Experiences are interpretations of occurrences. In themselves, both are harmless. It is in how you allow your experiences to impact your agency, that you could claim to be under the influence of something good or bad. To me, this ought to be an as conscious as possible, choice.