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Birth Stories

Isabella Lecour

Active Member
This question is inspired by the thread "Monotheism Vs Polytheism" and by my own posts within. My view of the creation of the universe is.....
What is the nature of the creation of the universe as viewed by my hard polytheistic ways? The idea that a creator is required is dumped. I feel that the nature of the universe is set up on it's own rules and is a natural process that requires no super-being thought to exist. I see the universe as an infinite cyclic creation that exists and reexists for all time. I do not see a catalytic point as required but instead see a paradox creation that caused or was caused by time. OK I guess that's a bit too indepth or too far off mainstream theological thought
After seeing how uncommon my views are, I'd like to know what other polytheistcs view the origin of the universe. So what is your birth story? How many different views are there from a polytheistic perspective, any examples, favorite authors, thinkers, or other reference points?
The problem you have is like Pastor David lynn said in a video on youtube. Everything has an origin which is designed and has a maker. The only person Who can not be made by anything would be God. He would have to exist outside of time, because if He was within confines of time, He would age and get old and receive spiritual and physical jetlag. The birth has a seed and things go from there. An instant moment creates something. God is Someone Who is the definition of creative moments. This means that He is the moment where everything starts through intervention and preservation of everything.