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Beautiful Mind


Get me off of this planet
I was looking for a place to spill my guts, ugh.... Such despair psyGnosis has brought me, you become such an outcast. I can't go about talking to people about this, this isn't Europe. I am requested to protect my identity and ensure my own safety at the request of the Cosmic space demons of Europa and Kievan Ruthenia. I could go on some rant about monotheism hate and slurs towards Judaism but I must not give in...

That was eons ago now, we must not be like those that believe in punishing the children of the children of the children in generations of our former obligations... We must not be like those who destroyed evidence of former truths in this world. We must reconcile and make retribution of what we can, not fester to make vengeance in bloodshed like vile beasts.

I have "memories" through my spiritual journey... I've been around for eons... My origins aren't a total mystery to me but I will not go flatulent of the mouth...

I have fond memories of being in ancient Europa, Germania in particular, enslaved numerous times throughout numerous lives, and even was in Egypt for a time, sold by the Norsemen but there's no proof of that.

Memories of wearing fur skins and being a really bad *** proud "Barbarian" back in ancient Germany. There were several of us living off the land, close to the soil, in tune with the Earth. Tor was there, massive, we knew him as a God and our Chieftain. Then the Romans or Greeks came in a massive force... We made formations at their formation... Tor went forward bellowing, "I AM ASA TOR, THIS IS ASA LAND, TURN BACK NOW." They refused and then we slaughtered them, later leading to a foray, we danced and sang mocking their dead bodies, it's was spectacular.

Julius Caesar thought the Germanics were "primitive" because everything was made of wood.. All he seen were some forward forts... They had an amazing culture, and I love wood.

That is all for now... Perhaps I'll start a blog.

Honestly, I don't get the all the practice in psychology... I'm delusional, but I know I am delusional, I practice complete logic and reason and even accept atheism and dissolution after death, how am I delusional? It's just my imagination, no, if God is talking to you, you're mentally ill, not that it's just my imagination.

I also thought of something like you're in a constant dream state, even though you're awake, some type of chemical issue that happens in the brain, not brain damage. I'm sure that had been thought of though.

However, I'm convinced I'm not delusional, but accept that "I know I'm delusional."

Anyway, it's not one thing after the other. I don't even understand how re-incarnation would work. However, I came to realize the human body and brain in particular create the "soul", it's like created by your brain and nerves system, an energy which you are out of your body. Pretty cool stuff, if it's true some deity could have explained it better but the Asians with "Chi" were spectacularly close.

Then I also thought of memories are passed down genetically, like through the seed. So that these are "glimpses" of my ancestors lives, which are me... Really weird, like that's how genetics work, you're a copy of your ancestor... That's depressing though.. And grotesque, I've done a lot of killing and committed some heinous atrocities.. Passed on some mildy interesting spiritual philosophy, and been ritualistically executed, sacrificed numerous times..

God, the Devil, The Virgin Mary, nothing to do with it... There are far more sick, insidious and demented people throughout history than any of them.
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