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Beards and Gods

The Hammer

Premium Member
Fellow Heathens,
I am curious as to your thoughts on something I have been pondering the last few weeks. The Norseman were very clean and particular about bathing and grooming. We know this due to the finds of combs, tweezers etc in their gravesites. But they are almost always depicted as long bearded warriors and craftsman. Even our Gods have large beards, like Odin, Thor, Heimdall, Freyr.

So my question is this: if the Norseman were so particular about their appearance and cleanliness and our Gods have large masculine beards, do you think keeping and maintaining a large beard, would be a physical way of honoring our Gods? By mimicking them in our life?


Veteran Member
I pray to Odin and Thor occasionally because I'm part Swedish. Yes, I think you can honor them with your beard.


Well-Known Member
Could it be because beards are seen as symbols of authority and wisdom? I know that's the case to an extent in Hellenic religion.

Yeah, beards are associated with the wisdom that usually comes with age, as it's generally difficult it grow a full beard until the early 30s, and even then, most 30 year olds with beards have small ones. Also, it could be a symbol of patience, in a similar vein to long hair. Finally, a beard is a symbol of masculinity.

Of course, you have to remember that it is very cold in Scandinavia, so naturally, extra hair would be favorable.

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
I don't think it can clearly be tied to honoring the Gods, growing facial hair, but - as has been mentioned - as a sign of age and maturity. Wisdom as well, though it's more wise to never assume on the appearance of someone. The biggest aspect of hair related to Heathenry, however, is that as a freeman your hair is yours to cut, unregulated by law or expectation. Some jobs - especially in the food industry - require hair to be trimmed or cleanshaven, so to circumvent this if you are applying for one of those jobs, think ahead and cut your hair accordingly of your own choice, before it's required of you.

The Hammer

Premium Member
Beards may be associated with wisdom, true. But I was referring to just general practice, like the followers of Islam, and Sikhism, and various other religions. They do not cut their beards to stay pure of body, as intended. I was merely alluding to how as heathens we could adopt a similar practice, but not because we shouldn't have the Freeman right to change our bodies the way we like, but as a way of showing reverence and respect to our bearded Gods and Ancestors.