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be free at least,if you have no religion!

today is firs day od Muharram.
my lord Imam hussain do great work for satisfaction of Allah.
61 years pass from Prophet (Pbuh)’s immigration and now Imam Hossain (Pbuh) who has been trained by Prophet (Pbuh) to carry Imamate flag of Ibrahim and Mohammad (Pbuh)’s mission. So,he can lead human up to the light gates.
Army of light and the call of right and rightness are in oneside and army of dark and the call of darkness and foulness are in another side. Sun of Ashoora is looking to this bloody battle and red war. It’s Ashoora noon, and Karbala desert is terribly hot.
The sun is crying on the bodies, which have fallen on the earth, and on the corpses without shroud, and on the bodies without head and hand.
Yes, all the followers of Imam Hossain (Pbuh) accepted martyrdom and found comfort on the bloody bed of self-sacrifice and martyrdom in order to awake all the neglectful men of the history.
Yes, it is the beginning of the first day of Moharram, bloody and the epic month, one year passes from Mohammad (Pbuh)’s immigration.
An immigration, which made firm the weak bases of Islam in Medina and encouraged the fresh hearts of the Muslims.
This immigration was a new birth in Islam history.He immigrated in order to teach the movement and rising lesson to the Muslims and future generations.
He selected immigration in order to say: “O’ man you have a mission, you are trustee of God, you have a great responsibility.
You must be prepared,choose your fortress and do your duty. You must do your mission and you have to prove your slavery that you are God’s slave.”
Moharram is the immigration month and Ashoora is the manifestation of immigrants’ immigration.
We must learn the immigration lesson from God’s immigrants and walk on their way and go toward Allah.


Imam Khomeini has started his words with one narration of Holy Prophet (SW): “ I am made of Hosain (Pbuh) and he is made of me,” which means that their lives were soassociated with each other. The enemies wished to wipe out “Banihashem Tribe” and they wanted to manipulate the people of this tribe. In fact, they wanted towipe out Islam and to form an Arabic country. The thing that led to this factthat every body including the Arabs, the Persians and generally all of theMuslims found out that there is another story behind all that and it is beyondthe problem of nationality, being Arab or Persian …etc. But rather, it is aboutDivinities (God and Islam)


Preachers should speak with peoplewhenever the time is right. While doing so, and along with talking about the topstories of the day, they should inform people of the moral and Islamic issues. They finally should lament for a long time. It should not be short. These tasksshould be done as just they were done before. This would include lamenting, composing poems and writing essays about attributes of the Holy Prophet’sprogeny as well as their sufferings which they tolerated, so that people getprepared and acknowledged. They should know that all innocents Imams devotedtheir lives for promulgating Islam. If they wished to choose a conservativemanner, everything (any materialistic need) would be available for them. However; they sacrificed their lives for Islam and they did not give up theircampaign with oppressors.


Imam Hosainis omnipresent. “Every land is Karbala”. Everywhere is his kingdom. All of thealtars of the prayers belong to him. In the case of his absence or if he wereforgotten, so many undesirable events could have happened: Yazid , his fatherand their successors could deny Islam. A tyranny regime was piling up hispresence, outside, for Mo’avieyeh and Yazid were going to introduce a tyrannyregime to the people. In the case of Imam Hosein’s absence, the tyranny regimewould be enforced by them. They could deteriorate the society to turn it to thatage of ignorance. And now my nation and I would be the Muslim with tyranny stylenot in Imam Hosain’s style.


In these mourning ceremonies held tocommemorate Imam Hosain’s memory, the one who hadsacrificed his life for God’s sake and achieving his satisfaction, along for thesake of his friends and children had purified the young men who leave for thewar battles, seeking for martyrdom. They are proud of Martyrdom and if theycannot achieve it they will get disappointed. It had also purified the mothersso that when they lose their children in war, they will say we have another onesat home.


All of the lecturers (and also we) shouldbear in mind that if there were no Ashoora’ movement, today we would not be thewinner. This unity which served as the origin of our victory, is because ofthese mourning ceremonies and those which held for promulgation of Islam. Thelord of the oppressed, paved the ground for the nation in order to supply themwith convenience and there would be the ease of unity, for this gatheredpeople.


What isone’s special duty in Moharram? How about the scholars and the great lecturers?What should the other social classes do? The Lord of the martyrs (Imam Hosain), his followers and his progeny had determined this duty and provide us with theright way:

To sacrificein the battles and promulgation in the society. Hazrat-e Imam Hosain’s sacrificeconsidered by God as precious as the lectures of Hazrat-e Sajjad (Pbuh) andHazrat-e Zeynab (SA) .They taught us , that the women and men should not beafraid of the tyrannical regime . Hazrat Zeynab (SA) made a stand against Yazid, and she despised him to the degree that no one had experienced such a thingbefore. Her lectures in Kuffa, Syria along with that of Imam Sajjad (Pbuh) clarified this point. The problem is not about the battle between good and evil. The tyrannical regime wanted to introduce Imam Hosain (Pbuh) as the one who hadrisen against the ruling government directed by the Caliph who is appointed asthe Holy Prophet’s substitution. These facts were revealed to audience byHazrat-e Sajjad (Pbuh) and Hazrat-e Zeynab (SA).