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Baha'is petition U.S. Congress in 1867

Discussion in 'Baha'i Faith DIR' started by arthra, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. arthra

    arthra Baha'i

    Dec 21, 2004
    "In 1867 the considerable number of Bahá'ís remaining in Baghdad, four years after Bahá'u'lláh's exile to Constantinople [Istanbul] and hence to Adrianople [Edirne], petitioned the United States Congress for assistance for Bahá'u'lláh's release and for assistance for the Bahá'ís in general."

    Petition from the Persian Reformers

    The following is a translation of a petition from Baha'is in Baghdad sent to the U.S. Congress in 1867:

    "During the year 1843 of the ascension of Christ, a perfect, wise and virtious [sic] man [Bahá'u'lláh?] appeared in Persia, he had knowledge of all religions, laws and knew the history of wisemen, kings and the rules of nations; he saw that the people oppose, hate and kill, abstain and [are] afraid to mix with each other. Nay, they consider each other unclean, though they are all human beings, having different and numerous religions, and that the people are like unto sheep without a shepherd -

    "That learned and wise man wrote many works containing the rules of union, harmony and love between human beings, and the way of abandoning the differences, untruthfulness, and nexations between them, that people may unite and agree on one way and to walk straightforwardly in the straight and expedient way, and that no one should avert or religiously abstain from intercourse with another, of Jews, Christians, Mohammadans and others.

    "That wise man revealed himself till he appeared like the high sun in mid day - when the Shah of Persia heard of these rules, he feared that his religion will be disturbed, so he gathered together the learned men of his religion, who saw that their interests will be disturbed, and their rules changed, as the public are anxious, desire and are inclined to follow

    [page 3]

    "that wise man. The Shah therefore agreed with his learned men to order the execution of that wise man and his disciples, so they imprisoned the wise man and masscared [sic] about thirty thousand men of his followers, nay more than thirty thousand not saving women nor infants, after that, with the interference of the Consuls of the Powers, not to kill the wise man, they banished him from Persia and plundered his goods, he came to Bagdad, and the news of his doctrine spread in Irak and almost all the Arabs and the [refugees?] of the Shah of Persia emigrated from Persia and came & followed the wise man; the Shah of Persia was again afraid and beged [sic] the Turkish government to banish him so it sent him away with his family [ and a] few of his friends to Constantinople, and the Turkish government imprisoned him with his family in a town named Adrinah [Adrianople] without examining the matter nor questioning him about his rules -

    "If any of you would like to know the true state of the wise man, let him send a wise commissioner to Adrinah to enquire [sic] after the state of that imprisoned wise man that his state may be made known - We wish therefore to write this information to the kings of the various governments in the belief that all Powers need each other

    [page 4]

    "and that relations and obligations exist between them, but every government that has relations with Persia or territorial connection does not take interest in this important matter and they are all bound with the chains of need - Consequently we unanimously agreed to report and inform the Congress of the Republic, of the state of that wise man, that God may prepare for him relief and acquittal, and that you may help and find out a way to deliver that oppressed person from under tyranny and oppression. Notwithstanding what we have said of the slaughter, imprisonment and plundering the true fact is that there are about forty thousand individuals in Persia & other kingdoms desiring to follow the wise man, but being afraid [sic] of the Governors and Sultans, they dare not manifest their religion.

    "It has been of our duty to write & inform you of the facts; praying that God will preserve you and grant you victory over the enemies...."

    Petition from the Persian Reformers
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