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Bön Religion

Does anyone here have some information about Bön? I'd like to know more if there is someone who practices this unique faith here on the boards.

Bön is the indigenous religion of Tibet, and recognized as the "fifth school" of spirituality, alongside the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It was supposedly founded by Tönpa Shenrab Miwoche thousands of years ago, in the land of "Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring", considered an axis mundi, which is traditionally identified as Mount Yung-drung Gu-tzeg ("Edifice of Nine Sauvastikas"), possibly Mount Kailash, in western Tibet.

When Buddhism came to Tibet, it competed with Bön for supremacy, and was at supressed at the beginning by pro-Bön kings.

It is a multifasceted religion which includes animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, folk religion, shamanism, Vajrayana, asceticism and mysticism.
Bön, over time, has taken on trappings of Buddhism, in much the same way that Taoism in China or Shintoism in Japan melded with Buddhism.

I think that Bön has a non-dharmic aspect to it, at least what was originally known as Bön. The first phase of Bön was grounded in animistic and shamanistic practices. However, only in the 10th century did Bön become more Dharmic in practice and in theory.
I have heard before Bön became corrupted, it was a warrior religion where they were pushed past their limits to become as the Gods.