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Atheists: If God existed would God… (Continued)


Well-Known Member
What people believe is overrated. How we utilize our belief in our behaior is very important.
I didn't join the Baha'i Faith. I was going to their fireside meetings. But a friend had an experience that convinced him Jesus was Lord and started going to a Evangelical/Fundamentalist Church and invited me to go to Bible studies with him. This was in the 70's and Calvary Chapel had Christian rock concerts every Saturday night. I went to those also. They were considered a "Charismatic" Church.
Did you ever involve yourself in any type of non-charismatic, non-fundamentalist Christian beliefs?


Well-Known Member
It is not the case that a God that is above the laws of logic merely "may not be true." It literally cannot be true. It is necessarily not true. It will never even potentially be true. It's completely impossible.

It has nothing to do with a lack of evidence or our inability to prove it. That's induction. I'm talking deduction here. A God that exists outside of logical laws is impossible. Not improbable. Not likely to be false. Necessarily false.

Ella, You seem to be assuming that I am speaking about a God who is above or outside of the laws of logic. I’m not. I believe that logic is built into God and that the laws of logic have always existed, because God has always existed.

CG Didymus

Veteran Member
Did you ever involve yourself in any type of non-charismatic, non-fundamentalist Christian beliefs?
No, all my Christian friends were either in a Church that didn't believe in the gifts of the spirit or a Church that did. Other than that, they all believed the Bible very literally.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Human instinct survival of its family species. One species.

Mutual two of.

On just our planet natural human aware first no technology no converting. Choices only.

Natural exact law.

Says ice the frozen Inheritor.. freezing froze. Is holding. O energy froze to be a planet body. Freeze is the Inheritor of form.

Relativity only.

So you teach ice is reborn on top of its gods own mass ice already. End of each year ice is a reborn body. Keeps human blood bone cell and animal biology living saved stable. A humans teaching about life living saved.

In cooled water supporting oxygenation as it's cooled. Heated we lose breathing capability.

So you teach relativity. Gods ice body gives us extra ice end of each year that gets sacrificed to keep cross balances of four season active.

Sea of son. Nature's garden food balances.

Pretty basic human relativity teaching.

Isn't anything else.

Then your cruel Inhumane historic enslavers as the bully group brother...brothers who agree.

Takeover. Elders family were in charge. Young men murder them.

Took over life. Built civilisation on human life murdered. Took away meek innocent spiritual human rights family. Mutual and equal.

Became. Greedy rich man who no one could challenge. Fake position. Makes any choice he and rich brothers choose against everyone else...as whose going to stop him? Behaviour only.

Any challenge he murders them. Humans gave up challenging him.

He owns life's destruction on earth by his control.

Was the human warning. Rich man one same leadership agrees to science machine technology. As all men. All in want of the same lifestyle.

Life's destruction. Exactly warned.

Human brain mind disappearing. Humans now very sexually explicit. No longer agreeing to owned body genitalia. Conscious body is self aware. Meek innocent human behaviour is disappearing.

No type of human therefore a forecast of mind changing in the future. To inherit life is the same claim status.... no future life. As that type of human was first in earths nature human biology as natural correct mind body human.

As humans no longer their owned memory to remember self as a natural spiritual healer mutual conscious aware self. Natural equal ancient correct human body consciousness.

It's now just an argument about when life will be destroyed actually.