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ask a Church of Christ member


Annoyingly Progressive Since 2006
I personally am not familiar with the Campbell movement, in fact I only heard of it about two weeks ago, but the Churches of Christ in my area don’t seem to regard the movement with any kind of authority. I grew up in a Church of Christ, left for about 3 years or so while I was in High School, but recently started attending another Church of Christ. In all the 17 years of so I’ve been attending a Church of Christ I’d never even heard of Campbell, until about two weeks ago while browsing the internet.

To be honest, I’ve never really looked at any “official” Church of Christ doctrine. I do know that they officially believe that one must be baptized for salvation, but I personally would disagree with that. I believe that salvation comes from faith alone, and not any human ceremony or work. I do believe that baptism is a step of obedience, and that anyone with true faith will be baptized, but that it is a work of obedience to God. Salvation comes through faith alone and there is no need to worry about things such as “was I baptized correctly” or “do I need to be baptized again”, or anything else relating to works.

Churches of Christ do believe that there are apostate faiths, but not because they aren’t Churches of Christ. We believe that anyone with faith in Christ will be saved. I’m not sure of the Church of Christ official stance on religions that believe in faith + works for salvation, such as Catholics, but I would say that anyone who thinks they have earned salvation is probably not saved.

Bear in mind that I'm DOC (and there are some differences between us), but I'm not aware of any "official doctrine" for either Churches of Christ, Christian Churches, or DOC churches. Am I wrong? If so, could someone elucidate?

Scuba Pete

Le plongeur avec attitude...
Each assembly is autonomous. The Bible is the only real common doctrine among all of the churches of Christ.

People love to point to a "beginning" in order to ascribe some sort of pecking order among the denominations. The churches of Christ derive their organizational structure from the first century assemblies (as recorded in scripture) and so they are not only non-denominational, but largely anti-denominational.