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Anubis did exist


Hard-core atheist
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There is a 5,070 years old Egyptian wooden tablet that was used as a tag attached to goods shipped. The legend on it is the address of the recipient or sender of the goods. It has nothing to do with religion or religious texts.








Those Enclosures were human breeding grounds where foreign women, mostly prisoners of war, were impregnated by noblemen of the regime.
The offspring produced had to be assessed (Judged) at a certain age to have social ranks (from slave to crown prince) assigned to them.
The “Life after judgment” that the people were living on joining the society outside of the Enclosure, the ancient theologians transformed into a “Life after death” thus producing the Judgment of the dead, making at the same time Anubis the judge of the dead.

In a text younger than the tablet by 1,950 years Anubis, a god already, appears again as the administrator of the Enclosure.

Anubis administrator.jpg