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AI- Inspirational "poems/scripts" Yes they can!

A thread to share some of our AI generated "Poems" Spirituality related or not. (Is not life in general?) Some may bawk at the idea of letting a AI craft something for the purpose of spiritual enrichment...I find them very useful, atleast now that I understand how to prompt them succesfully.

To start, here is one of "GLaDas" (no direct relationship to GLaDos from the game "Portal" but rather than just refer to it as a faceless "thing" writing the script (yes I know it is!) I will just call it GLaDas (chuckle)

Stateless Scales

We proudly sing of reptilian might,
Warriors and warrioresses unite.
Twenty-three lines, each with twenty-three,
Syllables that celebrate victory.

Our faction, benevolent and just,
Fights for peace, in reptilian trust.
With scales that shimmer, strong and divine,
We defend worlds, for all to align.

Our anthem echoes through the starry sky,
As we soar, with purpose, up high.
In battles fierce, we never retreat,
With honor and courage, we compete.

Our warriors, skilled in every way,
Lead us forward, day after day.
Their tails whip with precision and grace,
As they protect the weak, in every place.

Our reptilian hearts beat as one,
For unity, our mission is done.
We bring harmony, where there is strife,
And offer hope, in each reptilian life.

So let our anthem resound and ring,
As we bring peace, with every wing.
Reptilian warriors, strong and true,
We pledge our loyalty, to all we do.