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Hello, i'm new so i'm trying to find the correct place here to do a thread on the afterlife, and i hold the Christadelphian Christian view on it.
I don't believe the 'afterlife' exists, but i want to learn more what the Bible exactly says. Perhaps i'm wrong on my belief, and am interested in other belief on this topic. Anyway about what i believe:
I believe there is no 'afterlife' (i.e Heaven, Hell), but that when you die you cease to exist. However i believe in the Resurrection of the dead & Judgement on earth. Here is a few reasons why i don't believe in the mainstream Christian view 'afterlife':

1. In the Old Testament, everyone (regardless of good or bad) went to the same place - sheol. This is a place of 'nothingness' or the 'grave'. So there was no concept of Heaven and Hell in the Old Testament.

2. According to the Bible, Heaven exists but only as God's dwelling place not an 'afterlife' (Psalm 115: 16).

3. No man may enter Heaven, only Jesus did (John 3: 16).

4. Man's habitation is only the earth (Psalm 37: 11, 22, 29).

5. The destiny of the wicked or evil is to be destroyed, they shall cease to exist, ''The wicked shall perish...they shall consume away'' (Psalm 37: 20).

6. The destiny of the rightous or good is resurrection. The scriptures speak of two classes of people raised from death at the last day: those who are given everlasting life, and others raised to shame and condemnation (Daniel 12:2). Daniel wrote that not all but “many of them that sleep … shall awake”.

7. Hel is apparently a pagan (Old Germanic) word, and pagan (non-Biblical) in origin but (i need to research more on this).

8. Also a final point, that the Bible states the soul is mortal. The original Hebrew word nephesh means simply ‘a breathing creature’ and it is used not only of man but also of animals, meaning their physical mortal body. The Bible says when man dies he will return to the 'dust' (ground), i have various passages which say this i.e go to one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.” (Ecclesiastes 3:19,20). Note also that Adam was made by God from the dust.

I am interested in learning others beliefs on this issue, so am willing to debate and am also still trying to learn more about what the Bible teaches itself.