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A Zen Buddhist Celebrating Vesak in India

Subhankar Zac

Hare Krishna,Hare Krishna,
The Zen form appeals to me for its simplistic but pragmatic approach. The lack of rituals and traditional ceremonies makes it easier to follow.
Zen Buddhism rarely exists in India. Often sects of general Mahayana, Vajrayana, Tibetan and Thervada exists in most parts. Yet the way of celebration might vary might same idea at the end.
Mine is as follows:
Vegetarian diet,
cleaning the house,
Bathing really early in the morning
decorating the altar with flowers, candles, incense and fruits,

learning the story of the Buddha
and if weather if fine, let a light lamp in the night sky join wishing on it.
So, which denomination do you follow, which country do you reside in, and how do you celebrate Buddha's birthday or Vesak
Most of all, same things happen in the same way.
In Lumbini, people celebrated Buddha Jayanti or Buddha purnima, releasing white birds as the symbol of peace, in Swayambhunath temple, as always thousand of people visit the stupa and burn the candle, incense, and also there are some paintings, small portrait of the life of Buddha.