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A question about my visions


New Member

I'd like to ask a question about... well, I'm not sure I can call them visions, but I don't see any other word that would fit. When I was a child, when I was about 2 years old, an image of the inside of a temple would come to my mind. I somehow knew that it was the temple of the 'opposite god' (I was raised in a christian family). I didn't know about satanism at that time, so I'm sure it didn't have any outside source. Was it Satan calling me? What should I do about it? Convert to satanism?


Well-Known Member

I'm agnostic to the belief in actual personal deities, who knows whether that was actually any deity or spirit that gave you that vision. Perhaps you also had seen something on tv or whatever that inspired those day dreams.

Regarding converting to Satanism, what do you know about this religion so far? Do you have any other reasons why you would like to join besides your visions?

From your user name I would assume that the kind of Satanism you are most familiar with is the anti-cosmic gnostic version?


New Member
I'm not sure satanism can be called a single religion, because there's so many different cults and organizations based around the belief in satan, but different from each other. As for my username, it's just one of my favorite songs, but yes, I am familiar with anticosmic satanism. I'm currently agnostic, but I think there exists something beyond the physical world, and if those visions were actually sent by satan, I would seriously consider to converting to satanism.


Well-Known Member
I agree that it's not exactly one coherent religion. That you know as much shows that you at least are less of a newby than I had feared you might be.

However, as I understand you the only reason you have so far is because you think that possibly a spiritual entity invited you to it.
I can't tell you whether it did. Even if there are personal deities, who knows whether any of them actually contacted you.

I understand that it would be quite an incentive to join a religion if one knows its deity to exist. But I would suppose you can only find out for yourself if it does as whatever I or anyone else here would tell you would be no proof in either direction.

As you may well be aware of, not all forms of Satanism are theistic. And while there may not be a deity that called you to join, at least you can assume that part of your own psyche is interested in it enough to give you visions and make you seriously think about converting.

Well, technically one could say that because many Satanists consider their own psyches (or certain aspects thereof) to be a manifestation of Satan, of course it was Satan who inspired your visions. But that's semantics.

So I would recommend you to spend a bit time on thinking about why you want to convert.