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A hadith that shows it all - why people needed to follow Ali for the Sunnah.


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In the time of the Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) a non-muslim poet decided to write poetry insulting the Prophet. When His companions found out, they brought the poet to the Prophet(pbuh). The Prophet took a look at the man and said “ Where is my brother Ali ? “ Ali ibn Abu Talib replied “ I am here Master “. The Prophet said to Ali “ Go and cut off this mans tongue “ Ali took him and went away. Some companions followed Ali to see where he was taking the poet to cut off his tongue. At some point, Ali stopped and said to the poet “ have a seat “ and ordered his servant Qambar to bring some food. The food was brought and Ali told the poet to eat as he knew that he was hungry. Ali inquired about his situation at home and found out that he was in financial problem and had a number of children, one of whom was ill. Ali ordered Qambar to bring a camel and a bag of dirhams. Ali gave the camel and the dirhams to the poet and told him to go home. The companions saw this and rushed to the Prophet. They told him that Ali had disobeyed his command by letting the poet go instead of cutting off his tongue. The Prophet smiled and said “ tomorrow at the midday prayers I shall explain “. The next day at midday prayers the poet came to the mosque. In his hands was a scroll. He came to the Prophet with tears in his eyes and apologised. He requested to recite poetry he had written the night before in praise of the Prophet. The Prophet thanked him and said “ O my companions, when I asked Ali to cut off this mans tongue, he understood exactly what I meant. Behold, he has fullfilled my order and cut off this poets tongue.

There is so much that can be said about this, but it's the same with "cutting off his hand" regarding a thief, and so on and so forth.

Imam Ali last words was never to maim a person because he heard the Prophet "never maim any living creature even if it's a rabid dog"

The interpretation of Quran and Sunnah, is important, and is still the heart of the battle between good and evil.